You will need
  • - backing cloth;
  • - a bodice;
  • - pins;
  • - chalk or pencil;
  • - scissors;
  • - sewing machine;
  • needle;
  • - thread.
Prepare the lining fabric it can be cotton knitted fabric of the right color or the main fabric of the dress. Very suitable adhesive fabric, very firmly fix the position of the cups. Cut parts of the lining of the bodice is the same pattern as the top. It is to this lining will be sewn on the cups inside.
Attach the cups to the inside of the bodice lining and mark where there should be angles, measure the symmetry of the arrangement. Use only chalk or water-soluble pencil, note that a simple pencil could not be removed from white fabrics.
Pin the cups with the help of pins. That Cup was sitting right, put apples or lemons right size.
If possible, just attach the bodice to the breast and check the location, the distance between them, freedom of movement.
Baste the parts by hand to seam the bottom and top edge. Don't forget to secure the ends.
Sew a wide zigzag cups to the lining. To obtain a flat seam, sew side of fabric, defining the edge of the cups on the skin, and charting.
Try on the item. If the lining fabric is stretched strongly, make a jumper between the cups. To do this, take an elastic band or strip of lace, measure the desired length, fasten on both cups.
In the case that the model of the dress too loose, and the cups freely "walk" secure them further back, like a bra. Of elastic or stretch fabric cut strips of the desired length, at the end sew a few hooks. In this case, the part of the lining should be let free to zip up the zipper in the back, so it can be sewn, for example, only at the top.
Sew the lining to the dress or blouse in the usual way, to the armhole, neckline and other standard seams. The cups will be inside and there will be absolutely not visible.