Advice 1: How to sew a costume for figure skating

Manufacturer of costume for skating on the ice starts with the music. Designer, listening to music, making a sketch of the future masterpiece. Then begins the process of selecting the fabric. For this purpose special materials are used, because the load on the material is enormous.
How to sew a costume for figure skating
You will need
  • - a sketch;
  • cloth;
  • - needles;
  • - threads;
  • - a sewing machine.
During classes and performances, the skaters perform difficult gymnastic stunts that stand far from any fabric. Stretch Jersey, the woven material is torn. The most popular type of fabric used for making costumes for figure skating, is supplex. This material has a high degree of resistance to information, is perfectly stretched and then returned to its original state.
Start with a swimsuit, if you sew women's costume. Because of special fabric, sew it on one or two sizes too small: it will fit like a glove. Prepare adjacent main pattern of the dress (see picture). The planned pattern on the waist line. Prepare the pattern narrow sleeves. Apply on line style.
Make a drawing of the back. Put down four inches from mid-back to then to sew the zipper. Check. Continue up the line to the middle of the back four centimetres. Put one centimeter from Rostock on the shoulder line, from point No. 1 to three inches up. Connect point No. 3 smooth lines with point No. 4, and also with the shoulder line.
Put four inches from the armhole to the shoulder and four inches to the left. Transfer the line of side seam two inches to the right. Divide the waist line in half. From the points of division set aside right and left and a half - two centimeters. Is the depth of the tuck. Make points T2 and T3.
Construct two equal prongs from the waist line. Segment T2 divide in half. To do this, drop a perpendicular line equal to half the line T2. End connect straight lines from point T3. Similar build and the second scar. Excavation on the line of sewing the skirt to the bodice must match the shape and size of the tooth.
Build one wedge for drawing the pattern of the skirt. Find the rest by analogy. Draw a vertical line down the entire length of the skirt. Swipe right and left horizontal lines which set the width of the wedge equal to the width of the tooth multiplied by four.
Proceed to the pattern of the front part of the costume. Put the middle of the front three inches up (see picture) and place one inch from point # 3. The same distance put on the shoulder line from the neck.
Aside from point # 1 up two and a half centimeters to the right. It is necessary to build the rack. Connect a straight line from the lower point of the neck point No. 1. Put four inches from the shoulder line. Determine the depth of chest Darts, put a point P.
Put the line of the side seam to the right by two inches. Aside from the line hoists the depth of the second tuck two centimeters. Draw a line from the armhole to the point 2. Construct two equal prongs from the waist line (on the back).
Fold the fabric in half with the bend in the transverse yarn. Put the pattern as shown in the figure. Vykroyte details. Stitch the bridging stitch the bodice together with the lining. Will protocide burlap pocket from the inside. Vsheyte the back zipper in the middle back. Grind the sleeves and hem the bottom.
Grind wedges skirts, Ratatouille seams. Will pitokiti the bias tape width of two inches at a distance of three inches from the bottom of the skirt. Embroider the bottom of the skirt over bake.
Baste the skirt to the bodice at the line of scars. Make the notch at each corner of the wedge. Prostrochite to the underside of the bridging seam. Fold the face lining the top and pristrochite on the bottom of the skirt. Remove the lining inside out and attach to the seams of the wedges. Treat the rack for the top of the costume. Hem the lining to the sleeves. Carved sleeves. Tutuila iron.
Sewing a men's suit a little easier. Tailor a shirt of the type "Body", fix the bottom buttons. Sew to the pants special stropki or gum for fixing skates. Stand-up collar one-piece, bodice - fitting.
Vsheyte zipper on the back. Fill the bottom of the bodice in the form of scars. Skirt cut flare consists of eight wedges. Decorate the bottom of the skirt with bias binding and embroidery. Carved sleeves. They should be slanting, loose-fitting for more comfortable movement.
Order tailoring a suit for figure skating in the Studio. You can also place an online order for the production of the costume ( You only need to take the measurements and report them in the section "Ordering". You will be contacted soon for details. Made clothes sent by courier or taken on their own.

Advice 2: How to sew a leotard for rhythmic gymnastics

Swimsuit defines the shape of the gymnasts and influences the perception of judges, and therefore, the assessment of performance. The swimsuit should just sit on the figure and not to hamper the movements that the athlete had to fight with him in the execution of complex elements. Sewing a leotard for artistic gymnastics is divided into several stages.
How to sew a leotard for rhythmic gymnastics
Make a sketch of the dress. Mark the location of rhinestones and other decorations, consider a pattern swimsuit.
Take the details of the swimsuit mesh: back, front, bottom two parts. When measuring, consider the following parameters: circumference of the neck, underarm, bust and under bust, waist, height from neck to waist, from waist to mid crotch. Cutting out details, make the seam.
Take the same piece of main fabric (stretch satin, elastic fabric, another). Keep in mind that sometimes it is desirable to open a grid, so it only do a partial repetition of pattern from the grid.
Fold the edges of the parts of the main fabric and baste to the grid. Pristrochite on a typewriter.
Sweeps parts of the mesh and underlying tissue, try. If everything is in order, sew on the machine.
Glue rhinestones, special glue, hang a swimsuit and wait until the glue dries. Add the remaining decorations.

Advice 3: How to sew a costume for cosplay

In recent years, among young people and not only became a popular cosplay. This game came to us from Japan. The main prototypes cosplay characters are from anime and manga. Participate in cosplay to dress up in their favorite characters, imitate them in clothing, hair styling, verbal turns and play role-playing game. The main condition for cosplay – the similarities with his character, so the party definitely need a suit. Costume for cosplay can be ordered online or in the Studio, but if you have a little know how to sew, then you can try to make it yourself.
How to sew a costume for cosplay
For this, first of all, carefully examine the image of your hero. Consider the elements and details of his clothes and try to find something similar in my closet. Perhaps you have a skirt or a shirt similar to the clothes of your character, which will be easy to alter.
If you cannot find anything suitable, go to the fabric store with a sketch of the costumeand pick up the right materials.
Then make patterns. You can download them on the Internet, and you can do yourself. To do this, take the measurements and on paper draw a representation of the details of the suitand the right size.
Cut paper blanks, check them, applying to ourselves. If the items are vaguely reminiscent of the future costume, feel free to bring them onto the fabric, adding a quarter-inch around the edges for seams. Don't forget that the bend line on the fabric should appear on the mirror.
Next, you need to sew the items received from the inside. The more gently you treat the seams, the better and more durable will your suit.
You have to sew distinctive details to your hero costumehave, if any. Try exactly copy buttons, pockets, appliques, etc.
Now, when the costume is ready, take care of other elements of appearance of your character. Perhaps its special feature is the presence of the sword or just the clips you need to make them, too, that the resemblance was complete.
Think about the shoes and hair. If you can't get the same shoes, wear just plain shoes. Hair is worth repeating in full, because it is often an important feature of the character.

Advice 4: How to sew a leotard for gymnastics

Such an interesting hobby, like gymnastics, is also costly. A lot of money is spent on swimwear for the various competitions, as well as the usual gym training swimwear. The swimsuit is the image of the young gymnasts. He can influence the perception and evaluation of judges. It needs to successfully blend in with your stage persona, to be bright and beautiful. But it needs to be not only beautiful but also convenient. To sew a leotard for rhythmic gymnastics, you need to know some important rules.
How to sew a leotard for gymnastics
For the beginning of the sketch, i.e., draw a picture of the future product, we mark all the important details, location of jewelry and rhinestones.
Next make a pattern out of the grid all the details of the suit: front, back, and bottom two parts. Here it is necessary to consider parameters such as waist, armhole, bust, under bust, height from center of crotch to waist, height from waist to neck. Do not forget to make allowances for seams when you cut out parts. This is very important.
Then make patterns of the same parts, only to have the underlying tissue. It can be any elastic stretching the fabric.
Details of the main fabric baste to detail from the grid. Then pristrochite on a typewriter.
The last step is finishing. Stick to the swimsuit rhinestones with a special glue for fabric. After the glue is completely dry, add the remaining decorations. I hope that your first experience sewing swimwear will be successful and will bring a good result. And these tips will definitely help you save the family budget and will provide the sweet taste of victory for the young gymnasts.
Of course, you can find the pattern on specialized sites, and you can do everything much easier. You need to buy a suitable sized sports swimsuit to strut it. Ripped product is a finished pattern of the leotard for rhythmic gymnastics, now you can simply transfer the pattern on paper and then on the desired fabric.
Useful advice
In our days the passion for art and gymnastics is very popular, because the question "Where to get a suitable costume?" relevant. Pattern leotard for rhythmic gymnastics initially simple, the main thing to withstand all the sizes and allowances for a particular child. Any pattern of sporting a swimsuit is built on several key principles.

Advice 5: How to sew a costume for ballroom dancing

The importance of ballroom dancing to have a beautiful dress that will feel comfortable, confident and purposeful March towards victory. No matter in what age group and what grade of workmanship stands the dancer, the dress should sit perfectly.
Dress for the dance latinoamerikanskij

What should be the ball gown

The spectators who came to the tournament, see the abundance of original dance outfits. Attracts the attention of a variety of styles and colors. Despite the variety of ball patterns, they must meet the standard set for competition costumes.

European programme partner dancing in a long dress. It should not be easy, but not slutty. Beauty, elegance, romance – these are the criteria that must be met by the outfit. When developing the costume design, it is necessary to consider that the partner is almost always turned to the audience back.

Latin dances are performed in a dress with short or medium length skirt. Allowed a suit of skirt and tube top. The main task of the Latin American outfit is to emphasize the dynamics and sexuality of the dance, so it needs to be open (but no more than allowed by the rules) and comfortable.

The basis of any dress is a bathing suit, which is stitched to the skirt and jewelry. For the first tournaments, you can sew a dress yourself. The base of the dress is sewn from a stretchy material supplex, which is difficult to work, requires certain skills.

Sewing ball gown costume

Start to sew a ball dress with leotard (pants), followed by the bodice, the next step is sewing the skirt. Stitched items to be collected: pricecat the bodice to the skirt, this must be done carefully so no stitches to be seen. Dress should have a good fit, do not hamper movement, because it will have to do the stretch.

Can you handle the top edge of the skirt ralicom and sew the bathing suit, use a seam "zigzag" or pritchet on hand. The waist tend to make low, to bring the shape to the standards of the "Golden section". Sew to the dress pants. If the basis is a bathing suit, sew it to the skirt.

The cutouts for the legs in panties insert the elastic in the seam pahovom make the clasp (button). To sew the bodice cups, straps. Complete the work on the dress its decoration. The stones and ornaments securely sew to at the most inopportune moment.

Joints good treat, they should not RUB a body professionals treat the seams on the clocks the car, but you can do a simple household sewing machine, if it performs operations such as "zigzag", "home serger". Pay special attention to the quality of the seams, they must be flexible and durable.

The bottom of the suit, depending on the material from which it is made, can be processed on a serger or compact with regelin. Option rough cut, if it is not twisted.

Advice 6: How to sew women's summer suit skirt

Women's suit, stitched with his own, unique thing. She sits on the figure and second, no one will. A skirt you can sew the pattern without it. The jacket is cut in the shape of the curve.
women's summer suit skirt

How to buy fabric

Decide how much you buy fabric. It depends on the size and style. If the skirt straight or flared, and the bearer of the future of the outfit is the hip measurement is not more than 120 cm, it is enough to buy a piece of fabric equal to the length of the skirt. Plus 6-7 cm ACC upper and lower body. For the first cut enough fabric width 1.40 cm, for the second – 1,50 cm

If you want to sew a full skirt or can boast of their large volume, you will need 2 lengths of fabric, plus 8 cm, But this is just for the skirt. Women's summer suit consists of jacket with short or long sleeves. For him, the fabric consumption is calculated on the same principle. But there are more plays the role of width and size of the wearer.

Skirt without a pattern

The fabric is purchased, you can begin the process of creating a costume. For its upper part will need a pattern. Skirt for summer can sew without it. For this time of year, choose a thin fabric, they drape well. Take cloth, put it wide, so many inches, how many equal your hip measurement, plus another half. The length you have chosen. Cut out the resulting rectangle, sew it in the middle. This seam will be the back.

Fold the top fabric on the wrong side, attrocity edge. Pass in the formed yoke gum. Hem the bottom. Skirt ready.

Skirt patterns

If you want to sew a skirt that tight, you need the exact pattern. Peresnimite it on tracing paper. Mark tuck front and rear. First sew them. Then connect 2 fabrics (front and rear) underside to each other, stitch the side seams. Leave the left side 10-12 cm for the zipper not sewn. Vacate her. Sew the waistband. First, attach the face to the underside of the skirt, stitch the 2 canvases together. Athlete seam. Remove the belt on the "person". Sew to front side of skirt. Pull up the bottom.


To make this part fancy toilet, fold the fabric in half. Lay the pattern pieces on the wrong side of the canvas. Outline, cut them out. Sew the sides of the shelves and back. If the back of the product does not cap, first stitch the 2 parts in the middle. Sew shoulder seams.

Tissue blanks for each sleeve prostrochite in the middle. Vacate them into the armhole so that the seam was on the line of the armpits. Tuck the cuffs of sleeves, attrocity. If the model requires podpischiki baste from the wrong side.

Iron, attach the tape to the Central parts of the shelves on the inside. Here sewn podborta. To do this, fold them right sides with the Central parts of the front of the jacket (one will later be sewn-on buttons, on the other – made loops). Prostrochite. Turn on the front side, zautyuzhte. Finish with a serger edge of podborov.

On the right shelf to sew buttons on the left-hand sewn loop, then carefully cut inside to thread into the holes of the buttons. Pull up the bottom. If the model has patch pockets, first hem the top, then sew to the shelves. Costume ready.
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