You can create a wonderful wardrobe and yourself. How?

First and foremost, to outline a clear framework of colors. It is best to choose it in accordance with your color type. Fashion designers give a small tips: now trending pastel colors (camel, Teal, blue, etc.) of Course, the classic black and white is also not left behind. For lovers of bright colors in the collections put the emphasis on red and gold.

After that, you should determine the desired shapes and filling. The trend of the season is the theme of hippies and expression. So the prints you can often see ethnic and floral motifs. Fashionable cut – free model, like tunics, sundresses spacious flying or flared trousers.

As in the warm season the skin especially sharply reacts to any unpleasant feeling, the choice of materials also should be approached more carefully. This year's fashion soft, pleasant to the touch fabrics like tulle, denim or knitted lace. Of course, the material is better to choose the situation.

A modern woman will not miss the opportunity to emphasize your femininity through dresses. T-shirt dress, sundress flying or interesting mini – choose to your taste.

The most important in the preparation of a full closet is the compatibility of its objects. If you saw in the store a wonderful thing, but I have no idea what you will wear, better discard it. Or immediately find something (possibly from the same collection), with which it was possible to combine. So you can save time and you will just have to wait for an opportunity to walk in this set.

What we have in the end? Drafting practical wardrobe for the warm season – not an easy task, but it is not necessary to hire a professional stylist. You can plan your purchases before leaving the house. Consider the features of your body and taste. By following these simple points you will be able to look great in any situation!