You will need
  • - an old blanket or bedspread;
  • - pins;
  • - gelatin;
  • - a candle or lighter;
  • non - woven tape (web);
  • - bias binding, satin ribbon.
Before you start cutting the satinNoah fabric, lay on the table an old blanket or bedspread. Then spread on top of the Atlasing the fabric, making sure that the edge went smoothly, and coincided with the edge of the table or blankets. Pin trim pins in a few places, then the top pin pattern. Soap or chalk, draw the outlines of the parts (can be pencil, but note that with some types of satinand it is very difficult to wash off). Cut very carefully and preferably not to chip pins.
The fabric does not crumble when sewing, finish the edges with a solution of gelatin (except white satin) or anneal with fire (with a lighter or candle). Note that these measures cannot be permanent, they will help only at the time of sewing.
To the region remain strong long stick on the edge of the non-woven tape, use fabric or knitted cobweb. Especially needed such a measure, if the Atlas is not very good quality, and when you try to push common thread, seen a slot. In this case, tape it so that it is 1-2 mm overlap seam.
Sew items that can be double "French seam": first, sew on the front side, carefully trim the edge (usually not more than 5 mm), then turn and sew again, as it should be – on the reverse side, so that the raw edge was inside.
Sew the two parts of the Atlasand is necessary so that they are not stretched, but at the same time did not peredelyvalis for that before machine stitching baste them manually, you can even fillet weld (to the tissue it was not possible to gather in the thread).
The edges of the satinhandle and satinribbon Noah, piping or a hidden seam over the edge. If you decide to just bend the hem, be very careful, especially if cut on the bias. First, fold the edge in one layer, baste and iron. Then hide the edge inwards and sew (hand or machine), in this case, note that the fine satinand is very sensitive to Ironing, and Ironing can bring to the front all the shortcomings of the seam.