You will need
  • pattern;
  • - material "Atlas";
  • - sharp scissors;
  • soap or chalk;
  • - sewing machine with a sharp and thin needle.
Pick a good pattern for satin dress. It is very important to choose the right model, because the stitching bodycon dress from this material is difficult, and spacious, the dress can be like a nightgown. If the pattern is from a magazine or the Internet, place it on the paper and cut out.
Find fabric for the dress. Shop carefully inspect any fabric. Pull it in the transverse direction, as if trying to push the equity of the fiber. If you start to form a clearance dress from this fabric will begin to unravel at the seams. In any case, do not take the Atlas if it's already in the store began to emerge of the tightening – you don't carry it and two days (this is especially true for stretch-satin).
Put it on the table thick flannelette quilt or blanket. Very carefully lay the satin and pin to pin, keep in mind that you cannot navigate through the cut made in the store. See the only common thread and the fabric edge. Put pins in the pattern, trace with colored chalk or soap (with certain tissues is difficult to remove the pencil marks). Cut out details are very sharp scissors.
The edges when sewing did not disperse and did not warp, stick to the seams, adhesive, woven webs, knitted or better interlining (practically without going beyond the seam allowance.)
Set the sewing machine is very sharp thin needle, the Atlas is very easy to formed tightening. When stapling, ensure that the seam was not pulled even a little bit, because it's immediately noticeable, and do not even hope to smooth out the seam. At the same time, if the cut is on the bias, you can drag the seam, and it will also look awful. So before stitching, baste all the details on the bias, it will help you to control the seam.