You will need
  • cloth;
  • skirt;
  • - scissors;
  • - threads;
  • - a sewing machine.
Sew the lining cover. To make it simple enough. Treatment this lining is separate from the skirt and is sewn only to cover the belt line.
Make pattern lining, this should be done only for major parts, not including belt, pockets, and piping.
If the lining needs to be sewn to the wide pleated skirt, giving her the pattern straight skirt. At the waist provide a small tuck or fold.
If the lining is intended for a skirt with the Assembly at the waist make a pattern for the main parts. Then gather the waist of the lining together with the skirt, thinking it is a single layer of fabric.
If your skirt has a full-cut pockets located in the joints, eliminate them from patterns. Meet skirts, pockets which have podkralas flank. In the future the lining is necessary to consider only the side without the pocket.
Vykraivaya the side sections of the lining, remember that they have to look like a continuous smooth line.
Calculate the length of the lining so that it ends 2.5 cm above the bottom of the skirt.
To make it easier to correctly place the lining inside the skirt, mark the pattern with the labels of the edges of the incision to vrachevanie lightning.
Gently combine the cut of the skirt and lining and sew the parts together. Ratatouille seam in different directions. If the lining fabric is crumbling – the edges of the slices.
Treat the bottom of the lining.