You will need
  • -needle
  • -thread (preferably the color of the fabric)
  • -scissors
  • -fabric
Select the fabric from which to sew a Cape. The fabric is better to take easy to cover-up crumpling the clothes you are going to save. Cut from it a square, it will be the basis of your cushion. Traditional capes for hangers are sized 55х55 cm, but you can easily modify it if you need the cloak more.
Think about what you would like to the edges of your wrap. They can simply sew if you just need a functional Cape. If you have the time and a lot of rags in stock, be creative! The edges can be lined with fabric of a different color, lace, or processed using oblique bakey.
Treat the corners of your cushion. To do this, cut out circles of cardboard or some other waterproof material, such as plastic, wrap can be washed. From fabric cut out circles with a diameter approximately two times larger than the circles of cardboard/plastic. Now panel the circles with fabric and attach them to each corner.
If things hang in the closet is tight enough on the corners you can attach weights to the neighboring clothes are not lifted up her cloak. It also cut out circles of cloth, but inside you can sew a small metal ball. When you are done decorating the Cape, proceed to the next step.
Puncture a small hole in your Cape, such that it easily passed the hook from the hanger. Now proceed for the finishing holes. It can bind the edges with fabric or just the processing thread. Cape of your favorite things ready! Success!