You will need
  • mesh;
  • - sheer;
  • - cotton fabric;
  • centimeter;
  • pattern;
  • - sewing machine;
  • - overlock;
  • - needle and thread;
  • - scissors;
  • - elastic webbing;
  • tape;
  • - pins;
  • decorative braid (piping, lace);
  • wipes, adhesive tape (if necessary);
  • - iron.
Cut out mesh details using ordinary tailoring scissors – the edges of the dense and tough fabric will not crumble. For lush pads you will need a wide rectangular strip; its length is the circumference of the waist multiplied by 3. Can make petticoat not one, but 2-3 layers of strips.
Lay in neat folds in equal parts mesh details and baste them manually. Joints can be ground off, and then defer from the "face" of the product with zigzag or decorative stitching.
If your sewing machine does embroidery mesh, try some tailoring techniques:
- is placed under the seam of the cloth or a thin strip of toilet paper and treat the cuts with overlock. At the end of work it is necessary to moisten the mesh in hot water and remove the remnants of paper with a needle;
- the bottom of the mesh knit, treat or satin bias binding, or pristrochite on a line edge decorative ribbons;
- if you have used the large grid, for ease of processing slices on the sewing machine you can use a tape-cobweb;
- a worthy alternative to the functional (but not too dressy) adhesive material – nylon lace laid between the details of the cut and facing.
Sew bottom skirt-case of simple cotton cloth, otherwise the grid will be hard to leave tightening the tights and can scratch the skin. From the top of the case, leave the stock height to 2 cm – the hem will serve as a waistband for the skirt.
If you have to sew the mesh petticoat, duplicate detail cut from delicate tulle and run on the model of the upper tier bouffant skirts.
Connect the product with pins and prostrochite. You have to sew the cover and press it to the upper inside edge. Clean the hem and insert at the waist a wide elastic band. You can pre-sew elastic satin ribbon to release the ends in the center of the belt and tie a beautiful bow.