You will need
  • Microsoft Office software Word, any Internet browser.
If after the appearance of this strips you press the button ¶ on the standard toolbar (whitespaces) after the strips you will not see any marks. The band can not be allocated, even if all text is selected, it is ignored. It turns out that it's a glitch in the code. To find out the true cause of band, it is necessary to translate the page in view mode "Web document" or save the entire text as a web page.
The saved document should open in any Internet browser. Select the slice, where is the black stripe, just right click on the selection, select "inspect element". If you are not familiar with html language, simply find the item . After this element will be the value of the border – is the thickness of the line that we cannot remove. If you change this value to 0, then strip completely disappears. But this strip has been in the web document, and how to do in a regular document the same operation?
Highlight the text inside of which will be bar, click menu "Format" then "Borders and shading". In the opened window select the type "No" or "No border". Save the changes, then re-open the file. The lack of stripes in the document speaks of the successful removal.