Advice 1: How in Word to remove the line

Horizontal line in word processing documents in Microsoft Office Word are used as text formatting elements. Ways to create these elements, there are several, including the program itself can make the decision to insert a line, for example, if you put a few dash marks in a row and hit Enter. The operation of removing such lines is often a puzzle, as it is unclear what exactly the piece of text Word applied the formatting to the line, paragraph, page or whole document.
How in Word to remove the line
Set the input cursor to the line before the horizontal line and expand the application menu dropdown list with options for the design of the boundaries of the paragraphs. This is the last bottom right icon in the group of commands "Paragraph" on the Home tab. In the list of options select "No border", then the line should disappear. If this does not happen, repeat the operation by moving the input cursor to the line below under the horizontal line.
In the first step described deletion lines, which is a design element of the paragraph, but it may be that it's part of the formatting of the page. In this case, as in the previous, move the cursor over the line, but use a different control element of the menu in the table editor. He was placed in command group "page Background" of the tab "page Layout" and labeled "page Borders". Click on the labels and Word will open a separate window composed of three tabs. On the "Page" tab click on the icon marked "no" in column "Type". Then go to the tab "Border" and do the same - select the same icon that says "no" in the left column "Type". Then click OK and verify that the line managed to destroy. If it happens again - go to drastic measures.
If there's no other way, clear all formatting from the edited document. Select all the text by selecting the "All text" drop-down list "Select" group of commands "Edit" on the Home tab or clicking Ctrl + A. Right behind the dividing line between that group of teams and the neighbouring "Styles" next to "Edit", there's a little button that opens a separate window "Styles" - click on it. Select the top-most row in the list of styles - "Clear all" and close the window. As a result, Word needs to remove all the text formatting elements, including horizontal lines.

Advice 2 : How to remove line in word

Almost every user of a text editor Microsoft Office Word can tell us about this anomaly when typing, like a black thin strip. It appears possible to say that nowhere, to remove its virtually impossible. The origin of this strip is unknown, probably a flaw in the program code. Sometimes a band can be seen after you save the file or files that were transferred via the Internet. The treatment of this disease still exists.
How to remove line in word
You will need
  • Microsoft Office software Word, any Internet browser.
If after the appearance of this strips you press the button ¶ on the standard toolbar (whitespaces) after the strips you will not see any marks. The band can not be allocated, even if all text is selected, it is ignored. It turns out that it's a glitch in the code. To find out the true cause of band, it is necessary to translate the page in view mode "Web document" or save the entire text as a web page.
The saved document should open in any Internet browser. Select the slice, where is the black stripe, just right click on the selection, select "inspect element". If you are not familiar with html language, simply find the item . After this element will be the value of the border – is the thickness of the line that we cannot remove. If you change this value to 0, then strip completely disappears. But this strip has been in the web document, and how to do in a regular document the same operation?
Highlight the text inside of which will be bar, click menu "Format" then "Borders and shading". In the opened window select the type "No" or "No border". Save the changes, then re-open the file. The lack of stripes in the document speaks of the successful removal.

Advice 3 : How to remove markup in word

The task of removing the markup of the pagesyou documents office Word, included in Microsoft Office package, can be solved by standard means of the program without additional third-party software developers.
How to remove markup in word
Click "start" to bring up the main menu system and navigate to "All programs" to perform the delete operation page layout in Microsoft Word document.
Point to Microsoft Office, start office Word.
Open the desired document and select the "Settings" option in the tools menu of the top toolbar in the program window (for Word 2003).
Go to the "Security" tab of the resulting window properties and remove the checkmark on "Show the hidden markup when opening or saving" (for Word 2003).
Click OK to confirm the command (for Microsoft Word 2003).
Do any meaningful document editing, e.g. insert a space in an arbitrary position, and immediately remove the change to apply the selected settings (for Word 2003).
Click "Microsoft Office Button" and click "Word Options" (for Word 2007).
Click the "trust Center" on the left side of the application window and then point to Settings "security control center" (Microsoft Word 2007).
Select "privacy Settings" on the left side of the program window and uncheck the field "Show hidden markup when opening or saving" (for Word 2007).
Click OK to execute the command and confirm the use of selected changes by pressing the OK button (for Word 2007).
Do any meaningful document editing, e.g. insert a space in an arbitrary position, and immediately remove the change to apply the selected options (for Word 2007).
Double-click on subject to remove the page number and highlight the number in the pane header and Footer the top toolbar of the program window.
Delete the selected number and press the "Close" button in the right part of the panel "header and Footer".
Save the changes made.
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