Understand the main rule of the use of hyphen and dash, which, unfortunately, is not in many textbooks. A hyphen is always written with no spaces neither before nor after him. For example: "ampere-turn". If the dash is used the hyphen, it separates the spaces on both sides. For example: "the Keyboard is a device to input text into the computer". If the quality of the dash using the specialized designed for this sign, with spaces it is not separated with any of the parties, similar to the hyphen. For example: "in Front of you—pictures of artists of the Arbat".
In case you are composing a document using single-byte encoding, or are not sure that he in future will not be translated to this encoding as both the hyphen and dash use available in the normal ASCII minus sign. When using it as a hyphen no spaces are put, and using as a dash - put from both sides.
If required by the customer of the text, drawn up in a single-byte encoding, use as a dash is two consecutive minus signs, which are separated by spaces from both sides: "the Best-the enemy good".
When typing double-byte character set use this sign dash, which, as mentioned above, separating spaces is not needed. To dial in Windows press Alt, then while holding down, type the numbers 0151.
In the absence of Windows, click the symbol in the table that appears in the editor Writer when you select the menu "Insert" - "Special character". If necessary, copy it via the clipboard to another program, provided that it also uses double-byte encoding.
Another way to set the dash when using double-byte character set is to copy it from a Wikipedia article called "Dash". If you are too lazy to open another tab, copy the dashes from the first paragraph of this article.
Finally, in the HTML code for a set of dash use a combination of walking together " & " sign, the words "ndash" or "mdash" and comma (all without the quotes). If you use the word "-", the dash is the same length as the Latin letter "N", and if " - " the same length as the Latin letter "M".