To open a document, the menu "File" select command "Open", specify the network path to the file and click "Open". To highlight a piece of text that needs correction, move the cursor to its beginning, press and hold the left mouse button and swipe to the right place.
The same result can be achieved using the keyboard. Highlight with your mouse the beginning of the fragment, hold down the Shift key and click elsewhere in the document. The text in between will be highlighted.If you use the combination Shift+Alt, the highlighting will look like a rectangular block.
If you want to highlight a word, click on it twice the left key. To mark a sentence, hold down Ctrl and click any word from that sentence. To select the entire document in the menu edit choose the command "Select all".
To the selected text replaced with a new menu "Service" choose the command "Options" and go to the tab "edit". Tick the checkbox "Replace text as you type,". If you unmark this check box, you first have to remove the old text, and then enter a new one.
To delete characters using the Delete key and Backspace (above the Enter key and looks like an arrow right to left). Delete erases text to the right of the cursor, Backspace to the left. The selection will be removed completely.
Part of the text can be moved within the document and move to other documents. Highlight a snippet, place the cursor on it, hold down the left mouse button and, without releasing, drag to another location. If you use the right key, the text can not only move but also copy, and make a hyperlink. Choose a desired command from the drop-down menu.
Drag a text only convenient on small distances. To put it in another document so that's out. For this purpose, the clipboard is a special memory area in Word. If you want to copy text, highlight it and click Ctrl+C. Then move on to a new document, place the cursor in the desired location and press Ctrl+V. you May need to remove a fragment from one document and move it to the other, i.e. cut and paste. In this case, use the combination Ctrl+X and Ctrl+V.
If you want to prevent other users to edit your documents in the menu "Service" choose a command "Set protection". You can allow outsiders to make some changes:- tracking;- insert notes;- enter data into form fields.To edit the document, only those who you give the password. The password is set to protect.
In Word 2007 there is a possibility to set protection on the part of the text. Select the fragment which will be available for editing to other users. In the tools menu select "Protect document". In the right part of the window appears the security settings. In the section "2. The constraint to edit" select the constraint type. In the section "3. Enable protection", click "Yes".