To create a header, enter the command "Insert". Choose from three options: "header" (for entering text opens the top box), footer (for entering text appears lower box), or "page Number". List opens a menu from which you can choose the suitable item. The page number can be done not only on the upper or lower field, but also on the right or left.
In order to close the footer and out the main document, click on the icon to Close the dialog header and footer" or double-click, right-click anywhere in the box to the main document.
The page numbers will change on each page, but any text in the footer (the document header and so on) will remain unchanged for the entire document. However, there are cases when the header and footer on different pages should be different, for example, when we are talking about different sections of the document, each with its own subtitle, or when you need to delete the number from the first page.
To ensure that the headers were different, it is necessary to divide a document into sections. To do this, place the mouse cursor on the document where you want to start a new section.
Enter the command "page Layout" and click the "Breaks". Opens a menu with two items "page Breaks" and "section Breaks". In the last select sub-item "Next page", and the point in the document where the cursor is, the document is divided into sections.
You will see that the new header section looks the same as the previous footer. Click on the header and footer twice. On the toolbar of MS Word will open the workspace Working with headers and footers. You will see that in this region the active line "As in the previous section. Deactivate it. To do this, click on it with the left mouse button.
Now you can enter different text in the footer of the new section, or delete headers and footers in any of the sections.