You will need
  • Panel "peer Review", the menu "Format frame".
Go to menu "View". Next, open the item "Toolbar". Turn on the display panel "peer Review" which includes the commands for finding errors in a text document. They will automatically leave their notes and corrections on the special side frame.
Look closely at the top menu bar. Next to the "View" tab should have a new tab "Review". Click it with the mouse, so as to remove frames in Microsoft Word there. Next, find and open the list of nominated team "Altered document". In order to remove the frame with notes and corrections, select "Show -> Leader -> Never.
The boundaries and contents of the text document can also be marked. To delete a frame, click the right mouse button. In the commands list, select "Format frame". Click the "Delete"button.
If you need to remove the frame and the text inside it, then move the mouse cursor to the border of the frame. Press "Delete". To remove all girdling text frames, use the "Remove frame", which is located in menu "Format" section of the "Frame".