Select the faculty or Institute , the MGIMO, where you want to study – a list can be found here
If you have the opportunity, attend preparatory courses at MGIMO. The admission to the courses is competitive, training is paid. Detailed information about all the relevant programmes of pre-University training posted on the website "Entrant" ( According to the MGIMOannually from 70% to 95% of students who have graduated from various programs of specialized pre-University training and successfully pass all entrance examinations and enter the first course, primarily in low places.
getting familiar with Rules of admission to MGIMO (, which are approved each year by the academic Council of this University, find out what admissions tests you have to pass for admission to your chosen faculty (Institute) on the particular branch/field of study.MGIMO receives the results of the exam, additional entrance examinations and entrance examinations conducted by the University independently.A passing score depends mainly on the results of the exam, which are applying applicants. According to official data, in 2010 the average unified state exam score for students on a budget were as follows: in a foreign language – 92, in Russian language – 90, math – 79, history – 89, social studies – 89, for literature – 94.
Additional entrance tests annually establishes Rules of admission to MGIMO, in 2011 it was writing in a foreign language.
Some persons (their list is established by the Rules of admission to MGIMO) enrolled in College not for the exam, and the results of tests conducted by the University independently.
In addition, admission to MGIMO set number of people that are accepted to the University without entrance examinations or have privileges at receipt. In particular, these lucky people are the winners of the widely popular TV competition "University challenge".
The period of submission of documents for the current year is determined by the Rules of admission to the University, applicants are informed about it on the official website of the University During this period, write a statement of admission to MGIMO rector of - sample application can be viewed on the official website of the University. Attach to the application the original or copy:
•documents proving the identity;
•documents proving the nationality;
•document of the state sample about education;
•certificate of use results;
•documents giving special rights for admission established by the legislation of the Russian Federation.
Attach copies of existing diplomas and certificates of participation in competitions, contests, Olympiads on different disciplines.
You may submit an application for admission to the first year and the specified documents by mail (registered letter with notification and list of enclosures), just make sure that the documents reached the admissions Committee no later than completion of receiving the documents.
Thus, you do everything you can to enroll in this prestigious University. Now you will just have to wait for the decision of the Admissions Board on admission - the list of students enrolled at MGIMO, published on enrolling you will need to submit the original document about education.