Find out whether such a possibility of translation rules of the University. This is usually allowable, subject to certain requirements and to availability of budget places. For example, some universities transfer are possible only at high average score in the gradebook and no triples.
Get the best possible scores on exams and tests, participate in the internal Affairs of the University. Social activities also can be read to you as a plus while considering your candidacy.
Regularly, after every session, ask the Dean if there are any vacant budgetary places on your specialty. When you receive a positive response, apply to the rector. But since such people may be few guarantees for a successful transfer you will not. If approved your claim you will be able to stop the payment beginning with the next semester or year, depending on the decision of the University.
If you go to College you are no longer able to, and free places funded by the state, your University, try to contact the other University. At successful coincidence of circumstances you may be able to transfer to the budget Department other educational institutions of similar specialization. This is usually possible in those universities where low competition.