Advice 1: How to pierce ears without any pain

If you want to pierce your ear at home, you need to learn how to prepare for this procedure, how to make a puncture in order to comply with sterility and not to damage the nerve endings and then how to care for wounds so they healed faster. Also you can find useful recommendations that will make the procedure of piercing the ears almost painless.

How to pierce ears without any pain

What you will need for ear piercing at home

Before you begin to self-ear piercing, it is important to ensure that you have everything you need for this procedure.

Puncture need to make a special needle catheter, which can be bought at the pharmacy. Choose the smallest diameter is 1 mm. Catheter must be new, not use used. Also, do not use for piercing a sewing needle, because it is not a diameter is expanding towards the base, but because such a wound will be quite long to heal.

Earrings should be made of stainless metal, gold, silver or special medical alloy. Well, if the decoration has the shape of a ring. Then you can wipe in the early days of the puncture and the zipper earrings are not to disturb you.

To decontaminate the earlobe, you will be pierced and the tool itself, you need to use rubbing alcohol ilizhe remedy-antiseptic, for example, chlorhexidine. They also allow you to handle hands, if you do not have medical gloves.

To clean the skin area before the procedure you will need sterile cotton pads or cotton wool. Also, they should wipe the blood, if she goes after you make a puncture of a lobe.

Pain medication or substance, which, if necessary to reduce pain. Such a tool may be required if the person to pierce your ears, has a low pain threshold.

How to make piercings less painful

Different people have different threshold of pain, so someone may want to anesthetize the process of perforation. Remember: the least painful procedure will have skilled craftsmen, and therefore it is advisable to contact a specialist.

If you still want to do it yourself, before you puncture something on the back side of the ear. In addition, you can "freeze" the tip of the ice. To do this, remove the ice cubes from the freezer, put it in a plastic bag, and then in a few minutes apply to the future place of puncture. After that you can proceed.

Usually when stabbing ears pharmacy pain medication do not use because this is a place of piercing has a very high pain threshold. If you still want to use an anesthetic drug, consult your pharmacist – he will recommend you the best option. For example, you can apply for pain lidocaine. Easier to use spray or gel. Such a tool has a local anesthetic effect.

In addition, you can purchase in the salon or clinic apparatus for piercing ears ("gun"). Such a device makes the process of perforation is more fast, safe and painless.

How to pierce your ear yourself without hitting a nerve

Not to touch the nerve, measure the place exactly in the center of the lobe or 0.5 mm above. Here there is cartilage, a puncture is made easy and without pain. It is not necessary to make additional punctures in other areas of the ear, because the consequences can range from puncture of the vessel before the graze of the nerve and even loss of vision.

So, put a dot in the place that you are going to chop (this can be done dipped in iodine toothpick or ballpoint pen).
This point should be put on both sides of the lobe. Disinfect the surface of the skin on both sides, the earring and the needle. Then the tool needs to be heated with fire, and the dross to wipe with an alcohol cotton swab.

When using lidocaine or other anesthetic follow instructions.

Then attach the catheter needle to the target point on the outside of the ear and (necessarily) at a right angle, sharply and with force, pierce this place. So it will be less pain if the process is carried out without anesthesia. On the opposite side of the lobe you can keep a piece of potato or Apple, so as not to puncture it.

Pierced lobe, sharply pull the needle out. Then immediately insert the earring in the hole in the lobe. Well, wipe the ear with an earring with a cotton swab with alcohol. Do the same manipulation with the second ear.

How to care for the wounds after the procedure?

Do not remove the earrings, places, treat regularly with hydrogen peroxide or alcohol. Also it is recommended to gently move the ear earrings. For quick healing of the wound, you can use the tincture of calendula. It is desirable to sleep in the posture of the back, on a comfortable cushion with a sterile pillowcase. on the back.

If for any reason, will start festering, you can apply on the inflamed area antimicrobial agent purulent wounds - for example, "Levomekol". The shackle should move in the hole. While wounds heal, the hair is better to wear a pick in the tail.

And finally: if you are unsure that you can correctly and without pain to pierce ears at home, it is better to consult a specialist. This procedure in salons is inexpensive, it is quick and completely or almost painless.

Advice 2 : How to inject lidocaine

Lidocaine – a drug that has anesthetic effects. The tool blocks sodium channels, causing the pulses do not pass through nerve fibers. Lidocaine dilates blood vessels and not irritating. The solution for injection is used in obstetrics, gynecology, surgery and dentistry.
How to inject lidocaine
You will need
  • a syringe;
  • needle;
  • capsules;
  • - sterile cotton wool;
  • - alcohol.
Before using lidocaine solution guide intradermal test for the possible increased sensitivity of the organism to the drug. With a fine needle and insert a small amount of medication. Evaluate the results after 15 minutes. If the patient is allergic to the tool, in the area of the injection will appear edema and redness. In this case, use other anesthetics. If all is in order, you can use lidocaine for anesthesia.
Prepare syringe, needle, ampoules, sterile cotton wool and rubbing alcohol.
Take the vial and shake it by its neck. Then squeeze her hand and in a circular motion separate head. Take the syringe and through the hole connect it to the amp. Slowly enter the contents.
For local anesthesia the drug is injected subcutaneously or intramuscularly. Avoid intravascular drug administration. Depending on the body parts, use from 40 to 200mg of money. For example, for shoulder pain and sacral plexus, use 100-200mg of lidocaine. If you're dealing with your fingers, ears, nose, introduce 40-60mg and so on. The maximum dose for adults is 200mg.
Wipe the injection site with a sterile cotton wool soaked in alcohol, and take a shot. After removing the needle, massage a few seconds, the other puncture site with a cotton ball.
During application of the drug be sure to monitor ECG. In case of any violations, reduce the dose or cancel the drug. Please use caution when using lidocaine, if the patient suffers from heart failure, disease of the liver, kidneys, hypotension, or the propensity for hyperthermia.
Do not mix lidocaine with other drugs. It is precipitated when used with sulfadiazine, methohexitone and amphotericin. Also, the drug can be incompatible with ampicillin.
Lidocaine is contraindicated in renal and (or) liver failure, hypersensitive, transverse blockade heart, some cardiovascular diseases, myasthenia gravis, pregnancy and lactation etc, its impossible to send children up to 12 years.
Side effects
When using the drug may experience dizziness, headache, drowsiness, loss of consciousness, respiratory paralysis, numbness of the tongue, decrease in blood pressure. In some cases, there is tachycardia, bradycardia, nausea, vomiting, skin rashes, anaphylactic shock, etc.
Carry out the injection yourself is dangerous to health. It is better to consult a certified specialist.

Advice 3 : How to pierce your ear yourself

Currently pierced ear will not be easy. Enough to apply to a special office for the help of a beautician or nurse. But it so happens that the opportunity to go to a salon, but there is a great desire to pierce my ear. In this case, you can try to do this procedure at home.
How to pierce your ear yourself
You will need
  • - needle,
  • - earring made of gold or surgical steel
  • - alcohol,
  • - hydrogen peroxide,
  • Wat
Note that the ear contains many nerve endings, so when the wrong movement you can easily damage one of them. If you want to have earrings brought to you pleasure and opportunity to go to the beautician not, ask any health professional about a similar service.
Before ear piercing wash your head because dust and dirt from the hair can get to the puncture site. In addition, immediately after piercing the ears to wash the head is not recommended. Be sure to exclude after puncture the swim in open water. Change your pillowcase from the pillow 2-3 times a week, so you eliminate getting into the puncture of germs and bacteria.
If you are afraid of pain, apply to the tip of an ice cube for a few seconds. Wait until the ear is a little zanimaet. The earring soak in alcohol, the needle also must be disinfected. Then with a cotton swab dipped in alcohol, wipe the ear and begin to pierce. Insert the needle carefully, please note: it must go strictly at right angles, not at. Next, remove the needle and insert the earring. Wipe the puncture site with alcohol and hydrogen peroxide. It is believed that pierced ears are not in the middle of the lobe, and closer to the face. If you want to pierce the ear in any other place, then set the punctured spots with green stuff.
Wearing earrings, do not remove them for several weeks, and it is better 2-3 months. The puncture is still in the stage of healing, and it can easily be damaged if you remove and wear earrings. In the first 2-3 weeks, make sure to do procedures on ear, pierced ears. Every day, wipe them with a solution of boric alcohol or the conventional medical. In order to avoid infection for each ear use separate cotton swab. Not to get burns from the alcohol, you should not RUB it in the earlobe, just enough to make the wool for a few seconds to the puncture site.

Advice 4 : How to pierce ears

An integral part of the female image are the earrings. But in order not to harm your health, you need to know how to pierce ears and how to care for them after this procedure.
How to pierce ears
In any case do not pierce ears at home, it can lead to infection, in addition, a puncture can turn out ugly and uneven. For this procedure, select a medical or cosmetic establishment.
There are two ways of piercing ears: sterile disposable gun or a rounded needle. The first one is more safe and painless, but the cost will be more expensive. And the second is a rather old and proven way, but is acceptable only if performed by a professional.
Before the procedure of piercings be sure to wash your head. Dust and dirt deposited on the hair, can get to the puncture site, thereby causing the irritation. In addition, wet ears after piercing possible, so the head will need to wash very carefully, throwing it back. Eliminate swim in the sea, river or lake.
While places won't heal, try to change the pillowcase on the pillow every day to get the germs and dust. At a minimum use the phone.
The selection of earrings in the piercing of ears is also an important point. Earlier earrings were not inserted immediately, instead of them podergivani surgical sutures and left them for a few days, but now preference is given to the earrings, but not heavy with precious stones, and the loop shape and weight not more than 3 grams, so as not to injure the puncture.
In the first week observe certain treatments punctures. Daily potarite them with a solution of boric alcohol. This drug you can buy in a drugstore without a prescription. To avoid infection, be sure to use a separate swab for each ear, and use each swab only once. To RUB means in the puncture is not needed, just for a second apply the moistened swab to the ear first one side, then the other. Carry out the procedure 3-4 times a day.
Very beautiful and interesting to look earrings, punctures which are made closer to the face, not in the center of the lobe. But, if you wish to pierce the ears are different, tell the specialist.

Advice 5 : How to pierce your ears

In recent times body piercing has become very popular among all segments of the population. Today we can see baby's with pierced ears and a woman in the age of tunnels, lip piercing and a tattoo. Also there is another side of the piercing – improper care and serious consequences. So how to pierce your ears today?
How to pierce your ears

Ways of piercing ears

For a start it should be said that even today, pierce your ears in different ways. At least there are three ways of piercing ears is totally unacceptable, unacceptable and correct. On these techniques, we should tell you more.

As it is impossible to pierce ears

One of the wrong ways is piercing ears at home independently. If you don't have at least minimal knowledge in medicine and the piercing, then most likely, you will find the inflammation and going to the surgeon soon. To pierce ears at home often use "Gypsy" needle, hydrogen peroxide, alcohol, painkillers in the form of a piece of Apple, etc. If you value your health, it is better not to do piercing yourself, and spend up to 1000 rubles and go to the salon, where a professional master piercer offer you high-quality ear piercing and give advice on the care of the piercing. Only in this case you will save yourself from the terrible effects.

Ear piercing "gun"

Use a special gun for piercing ears is one of the most popular tools. But in this case popular does not mean safe and correct.

Ear piercing gun may seem very convenient and quick way to make the most simple piercing like a puncture there, and the earring is already dressed (only to close the padlock). But all is not so simple. First, when the ear piercing gun is a strong tissue, which is very long to heal. According to statistics, the ears pierced with a gun, heal for 1-2 months longer than pierced by a needle. Secondly, you should pay attention to the inability to be sterilized this instrument. Thus, you can obtain any serious disease transmitted through blood. It is therefore not necessary to dwell on this method of piercing ears.

Best and safest option

Ear piercing with a special needle piercing is the safest and right way. The first thing to say is that with this method of puncture maximum sterility and absence of infection – all piercing needles are available in special vacuum packages are sterile and disposable! In practice, it has been proven that punctures the ears of the needles for the piercing heal much faster. Also thanks to a special hole in the center of the needle, you can simultaneously pull the needle out of the puncture and is ready to wear earring – this will protect you from additional injury to a fresh puncture.

Advice 6 : How to pierce ears with a needle or a gun?

The older generation still remembers a time when the ears were pierced with a needle at the barbershop. Gun for ear piercing appeared in Russia more than 20 years ago. However, he still could not displace its predecessor - the needle.
How to pierce ears with a needle or a gun?

Gun for ear piercing

The device is a small unit that is easy to hold with one hand. The principle of operation resembles a staple gun to staple the earlobe is placed in the space between the earring-stud and its fastening element, and at high speed pierced the earring.

The main advantage of this method is its simplicity and relative painlessness – it's all happening so fast that people feel did not have time. In addition, the gun automatically sets the first hole earrings, but then you won't have to endure additional pain, as you have to do in the event of a puncture needle. In this method, the earrings are inserted separately. For this reason, like a gun to pierce the ears of children. Although, it should be noted that if the first time the child has no time to figure out what to do with it, the second ear pierced might not give, because he'll know exactly what to expect.

Now for the cons of guns. Despite its simple appearance, it should be able to, and puncture of the ears should produce a professional. Often, guns pierce the ears of Amateurs that can affect the quality of the work. The second disadvantage is the impossibility of disinfecting gun. Because of this, its use was banned in many beauty salons around the world. Although, today there are devices with sterile disposable nozzles.

Needle for piercing

About needles for ear piercing in recent times there are many opinions. Someone thinks that this is the last century and only use automatic guns, while others believe only the needles. No need to think that the needle-piercing is a kind of an ancient instrument, resembling a large cobbler's needle or awl. Puncture is a thin, disposable medical needle, so security procedure not to worry.

Another unquestionable advantage of the method – high precision and accuracy. If the gun literally breaks through the earlobe of the earring (which, by the way, not too spicy), the needle enters into the fabric exactly at a given point and very smoothly. Yes, it will take a little more time and, therefore, you can feel the pain. However, today, beauty salons offer to carry out ear piercing using a local anesthetic, so afraid of the pain is not worth it – you won't feel this. It is worth noting also that needle to work much harder, so the master, making the ear piercing, must have experience and qualification.

Advice 7 : What to do if a sore pierced ear

Pierced ears with delicate earrings will compliment any fashionista. But what she doesn't decorate, so it's ears, swollen, red and hot, as hot asphalt. Sore places in the ear? Can help!
What to do if a sore pierced ear

Immediately after puncture

It should be noted that some time after a puncture of the ear lobe, even if everything was done correctly, you will feel some soreness. This is perfectly normal, because the skin and soft tissue has been damaged and the body will take a few days to wounds beginning to heal. Usually the pain, little swelling and redness are observed the first 2-3 days after a puncture. During this period to accelerate the healing process and not to get into an open wound, infection, punctured several times a day to process a disinfecting alcohol solution or chlorhexidine. This should be done using a sterile cotton swab.

To get involved in scroll earrings in the hole is not necessary, especially during the healing period. Immediately after the puncture and for some time after his wounds can be allocated a small amount of ichor which dries on the earring, forming a hard edge. To remove it, gently wipe the earring with a disinfectant solution and, careful not to move it in the ear, remove any debris. But too sudden movements can re-rip half-healed wound.

If the ears continue to hurt

But if the due time of tissue healing has long passed, and your earlobes still hurt, itch, swell or fester, it is a cause for concern. Most likely, the reason for this phenomenon is the infection that got into the puncture. Like any wound, puncture of the ear lobe – a tasty habitat for a wide variety of pathogenic bacteria. If you made a mistake in primary treatment of wounds or infection brought master during the procedure, the puncture of lobes of ears can hurt and heal a lot longer. The main thing in this situation – not to let the process take its course, and the time to locate the source of inflammation and to destroy all the bacteria that prevent you from enjoying your new earrings!

Rules for the care of the punctures remain the same, however, if there is an infectious process, the number of washes should be increased to 5 per day. Do not touch the earlobes with dirty hands and if during the day you have contact with dust, dirt or water, close the ears with a protective bandage (scarf, hat or bandana). Copes well with infection at the puncture site antibacterial ointment: tetracycline, hydrocortisone, or another antibiotic. Earrings must be made of metal, does not cause allergies and inflammation: gold, silver or titanium.

Advice 8 : How to pierce baby ears

Some of the girls pierce ears almost immediately after birth. But it is rather a tribute to national traditions. Although doctors recommend this surgical manipulation after three years. Because at this age the child can decide whether he wants to endure for the sake of a little pain.
How to pierce baby ears
You will need
  • A visit to the doctor the otolaryngologist, a master of ear piercing, earrings.
If you decided to pierce her daughter 's ears, then first consult a doctor otolaryngologist. Not recommended to do piercing for children with disease of the ear, eczema or blood disease, as well as girls with severe allergies. After all, earrings can contain allergenic substances.
How to pierce <b>child</b> <strong>ears</strong>
To conduct such manipulation, you need to choose a health center or certified salon, where a professional beautician with medical education. On the earlobe of the child is the point associated with teeth, eyes, facial muscles, inner ear, tongue. Therefore, the choice of the puncture site is not a simple matter. Doctors recommend that children earrings made of special medical steel, which are well acclimatized. They are inserted during the puncture of the gun.
How to pierce <b>child</b> <strong>ears</strong>
Before the puncture the ear is treated with antiseptics. Expert outlines the point of puncture and shoots a gun. The lobe out the hole in which you immediately receive the earring. She will stay there until complete healing of the wound. Girl just hear a click, but afraid not in time because the procedure lasts only a few seconds. This is the easiest way to pierce ears. The puncture site is treated with antiseptics .
How to pierce <b>child</b> <strong>ears</strong>
Carefully take care of wounds, the first five days your ears should be wet, and in the evening and in the morning treat the puncture site with 70% alcohol solution or other antiseptic substance.The wound finally healed after a month. At this time, earrings can not be removed.
Don't buy them silver-plated or gold-plated jewelry over time, the coating is erased, and this place cracks are formed, where they like to breed germs. The best materials for earrings are gold and silver. Children best suited light earrings in the form of rings or hearts with convenient and tight clasp.
How to pierce <b>child</b> <strong>ears</strong>
The child's hair should be collected in a ponytail or get a haircut to bacteria with hairs do not fall into the wound.
Please note! If the wound is not healing for a long time, or encounter other problems, such as suppuration, immediately contact the salon or show a girl the doctor. Don't do the procedure perforation against the will of the child - it will not bring joy to anyone.
Useful advice
It is best to do the piercing in the winter. This time of year, the minimum the risk of infection, but there is one drawback, putting on a hat can catch the earring.
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