Formulation of intravenous catheters (peripheral).
We must start with providing scene lighting manipulation. Hands washed and dried. Applied a tourniquet 10-15 cm above the zone of catheterization, and choose a vein by palpation. Next you need to choose a catheter of the right size, it is necessary to consider the size of vein, speed of injection and the schedule of intravenous injection. After treated with antiseptic hand and put on gloves. Place of catheterization also need to handle any disinfecting means for 30-60 seconds and allow to dry. Palpate the vein again is not necessary. Just fixing it, take the catheter diameter is selected and remove the protective cover. If you have installed additional plug, it is not thrown away, but is held between the fingers of the free hand. The catheter is introduced in the needle at an angle of 15 degrees to the skin, and to observe the indicator of the camera. When you see blood, you need to reduce the angle of the needle-stylet and a few millimeters Veste needle into the vein. Fixing the needle-stylet, slowly to the end move the camera with the needle in the vein and removed the tourniquet. Then we need to squeeze the veins and finally to remove the needle from the catheter. A needle disposed with the help of safety rules. And last, it is necessary to remove the plug from the protective cover and close the catheter to either insert the infusion system. The catheter is fixed on the extremity.
Staging of urinary catheter.
Wash your hands and the area of the urethra. Open the package of the catheter for 2-3 cm. Complete the package with the catheter with plain water to the tip. Be the catheter should be in the water for at least 30 seconds. Attach the catheter adhesive circle to a smooth surface. In cold water the catheter stiffer and softer in warm. For women: remove the catheter from the package. Spread your labia and with the other hand insert the catheter into the urethra. For men: with one hand, lift the penis and straighten the urethra. With the other hand insert the catheter to advance it each time 2 cm. Move it until then, until you begin to leak urine. When the bladder is fully emptied, slowly remove the catheter.
How to insert a catheter
A number of complications can be avoided if you strictly follow the rules of asepsis and antisepsis, and to properly care for the catheter.
How to insert a catheter