The choice of clothes in the offseason for many people is a lot of hassle. I feel that the thing is not only protected from the morning cold and wind, but was beautiful. While it should not be too hot after lunch when the weather is clear.

Types of clothing for the season

Women's clothing in the first place is the popularity of the coat. The model number of this outerwear is so wide that the coat can be long almost to the floor or, conversely, to the waist. Universal option is coat up to the waist or hips. This model goes just as well with trousers and jeans, with dresses and skirts. The advantages of the coat in its femininity and the variety of patterns and colors. But the disadvantage is that, caught in the rain you will be wet through.

In demi-season jacket with water-repellent top layer caught in the rain is not afraid. This jacket sew for women and men. They can be hip-length or waist-patch pockets, detachable hood. Dense material, in addition to the rain, well protected from the wind.

Leather jackets for several seasons, at the peak of popularity. Their major drawback in the cost of leather. At the same time, purchasing such a thing, you can wear it for years. Quality jacket from a genuine leather will always remain in fashion and will last a very long time.

Among the girls as demi-season clothing is also popular fur vests. Wear them with jeans and with skirts. Under the vest wear a tight sweater with neck or light sweater.

How to choose a demi-season clothes

So the thing is not only warmed, but also decorated, as to make it necessary, based on characteristics of the shape. And top winter clothing is no exception.

If the hips is wider than shoulders, you should choose models with a length to mid-thigh with the decor in the upper part: an oversized collar, a bright scarf, belt. In a situation when the shoulders wider than the hips, the decor is shifted to the lower part of the body: pockets, inserts, quirky decor hem. Short jackets should be abandoned, they will further increase the contrast between the shoulders and hips.

In marked tummy, preference should be given straight jackets or trapeze coat without strap, belt, and any decoration in the waist. If the waist neveragain, but the graceful figure, you can use the zone, while adding volume at the shoulders and hips. You can wear a cropped jacket. To combine them better with voluminous skirts and heels.