Thoroughly wash hands and put on medical gloves. If you don't have gloves, RUB the palms and fingers with alcohol.
Wipe the injection area of the catheter in a strong alcohol solution (70%). The seizure of the treated skin surface must be approximately 7 by 7 cm After wiping thoroughly, dry the skin from moisture, otherwise there is difficulty in fixing a band-aid of a catheter.
Open the package with the catheter and remove the protective tip from the needle. Try not to touch the part with your hands, which will be injected into a vein. If you accidentally dropped the catheter, treat the needle in undiluted rubbing alcohol.
Bold hand movement insert the needle into the vein. If you will twist some, to introduce the catheter will be difficult. The larger the diameter of the insertion part, the thicker select a vein for injection. Usually use the veins of the hands, wrists, and, in rare cases, legs.
Secure the catheter with a special adhesive so that it is tightly held and not moved during the connection of IVS or administer medication with a syringe.