To insert an earring or some earrings in the nose is now very fashionable. It is very easy to do even at home that is attracting young people who are unable to pay the experts a certain amount.
Prepare all the necessary materials for piercing nose and disinfectants for processing. So for a simple nose piercing should take the needle for piercing, alcohol, cotton wool, gloves and Serika (pierce), which is inserted in the nose. While the needle is better to take such diameter as your prepared shackle.
Put the gloves on. Disinfect them in his arms, the earring and the needle with alcohol or other antiseptic is prepared by pouring it on cotton and wiping.
Lubricate the puncture with alcohol. Tighten the nostril to clasp earrings with a hook in the inside, away from the edge and along the wall of the nose.
Bring prepared the needle to the inside of the nostrils. Go ahead and get the piercing. It is the speed will depend on further pain. The faster this procedure will be, the less pain you have to endure.
Insert the jewelry into the catheter. Insert all is made a hole, then gently remove the catheter.
Carefully and liberally RUB the site of the piercing itself and the earring, which is already in place, with alcohol. Check whether it is convenient earring sits in your nostril and firmly do hold.
Don't forget after you insert the piercing in the nose daily during the whole time until it heals the puncture, wipe with antiseptic this place.
There are types of unconventional piercings, such as the bridge (a puncture of the nose in the nose), Austin Bar (puncture of the tip of the nose in a horizontal position) and others. To do this kind of piercing is recommended only in the beauty parlor.