What is the reason for the great popularity of tablet computers? They are comfortable, compact, the interface is intuitive. They are perfect for Internet surfing, viewing videos and photos, they are easy to read books.

Despite its convenience for working with the media, with some tasks tablets doing not so well. When the need arises to print a large amount of text, the inconvenience the on-screen keyboard becomes apparent. In addition, some applications might make it easier for a computer mouse.

Manufacturers understand this, so took care of the owners of such gadgets. For some models, you can purchase a docking station and a special keyboard for tablets, when you connect to which device becomes a full-fledged laptop.

The drawback of such solutions a quite high price. So many people are interested in the possibility of connecting conventional mice and keyboards. Such ways exist.

Wireless connection

Tablets are good for their compactness. Very few people want to entangle your gadget wires. To get rid of them enables bluetooth technology. A device fitted with such a module at the factory.

What if you discovered that your tablet is not equipped with a bluetooth module? You can buy an external bluetooth adapter. If the operating system of your device does not recognize the module, you need to download from the manufacturer's website, the set of drivers suitable for your model of adapter.

Wired connection

Unfortunately, not all tablets can work with wireless keyboards and mice. In addition, some users would like to use your wired peripherals.

Fortunately, most tablet computers are equipped with technology support USB On-The-Go, or OTG. It allows you to connect the device via USB.

Some models of tablets have a full USB port, which allows you to connect to them effortlessly. Most gadgets have a port MiniUSB or MicroUSB. To connect to standard USB devices use a special adapter that can be packaged with the tablet. If it is missing, it can be purchased in the store.

To connect to your mouse and keyboard simultaneously, you will need to have two USB connectors. But what if your gadget has only one port? May come to the aid of the USB hub or splitter. With it, a single USB port can turn into two, three and even four.

In some cases, a hub can not provide simultaneous operation of mouse and keyboard. This is due to lack of food, which in this situation is supplied by the USB bus. To avoid this problem, use an active splitter with an external power supply.