Film camera consists of a film and the plastic spool on which it is wound, and which serves as a protective coating.
Open the cover of the camera and take a plastic coil receiver, which you will wrap the film with the main coil.
Open holders top of the receiver, and then take the spool in one hand and the spool of tape to another.
Pull out the coil a small section of blank tape or protective paper and, slightly bending the end, insert it into the special slot on the receive coil. Turn several times the spool, to make two or three coils, the preparatory film or paper.
After that spool of film set in the lower receiver of the camera, and the take-up spool on which film is recorded multiple turns set the upper receiver and snap the clips. Check that the strip of film or paper has been stretched not too weak and not too strong. It should exactly lie on the space between the receivers.
Close the cover of the camera and a little scroll wrap with button rewind, in the window appeared the frame numbers. After that you can start taking pictures, rewinding the tape for every frame forward one frame.