You will need
  • The document with the barcode
To see the validator in action, buy a ticket for the subway or one-time – on the train. And metro stations and some train stations are equipped with turnstiles, where there is a special device that reads the information on the travel document. To get on the escalator, you need to go through the turnstile, putting the travel to a special luminous window. It can be placed on top or front of the turnstile.
A ticket on the train, insert the barcode into the opening of the turnstile. Information about the ticket will be in the system, there comes the answer that the passenger with a ticket has not yet passed on the platform, then the green signal and you can go on the platform.
In large cities validators include buses, trolleybuses and trams, especially those that cater to social routes. Portable validator is from the conductor or driver. The passenger, who has a contactless card (e.g., social travel) bus and sends the document to the driver. Information about the pick-up point is read by the device and transmitted to the electronic control system of fare payment. Before you exit the bus or trolleybus, a passenger the second time passes on the map.
On land transport sets and stationary validators. They are located on the handrails. The passenger himself brings to the device a ticket, resulting in the card deducted a certain amount for the fare.
In modern information systems use two types of validators. A simple validator using the led indicator will inform the passenger that the device is ready for operation, about the payment or non-payment, that the map is applied again and the ticket will be blocked. Information validator, in addition to the same information, according to the passenger information about the ticket. On the LCD you will see information about the validity of the ticket, the number of remaining trips, the availability of funds. To obtain the necessary information, pay and then present the card to the device. First will be information about what the ticket is re-applied, and then the screen will display information about the travel document.
Validators are not only used for transport. For example, such devices are installed in many large chain stores. Attaching the label of the product to a reading device, you can find complete information about product name, manufacturer, weight, cost.