You will need
  • passport all participants of the transaction
  • -certificate of ownership of a suburban area
  • -legal documents on the suburban area
  • -the cadastral passport
  • -agreement of purchase and sale
  • -the act of transfer and acceptance
  • receipt about payment of state duty for registration
  • -check area for your buyers
If you have no certificate of ownership, to perform legal transactions with land you can't. Before you start selling will issue a certificate of ownership and cadastral passport on the land.
For registration of these documents, call the organization on land for performing the necessary work on the site. On the basis of the work performed will prepare the technical documents that need to register in the centre of land registration, cadastre and cartography. Before this organization was called the Rosnedvizhimost'.
For the registration of ownership of only one cadastral passport is not enough. Need more legal documents. If the country plot you bought, you have a contract of sale. If the plot you have identified the organization, and documents establishing your right to it you do not, contact the horticultural Board for the compilation of extracts from the household book parcels or to the local administration for approval of affiliation of the site to you. All of this is made on a special form, which head in the center of registration of transactions with real estate. These forms are also often the Board of horticulture and the township administrations.
With the identity document, a document of title to land and cadastral passport, contact the state registration centre for registration of your ownership rights in suburban plot. Only after these procedures you can sell the plot.
Give extensive advertising about the sale of a suburban area in the media of the population. After the buyers will be found to take preliminary Deposit. This is necessary in the event of failure of the customers from the acquisition you have lost other potential buyers or losses from necessary again to inform the public about the sale.
The contract of purchase and sale has to create and issue a notary. After drawing up and signing of the contract further make and sign the act of acceptance – transfer of real estate. Only after this right and responsibility goes to the buyers, and they can register their ownership rights.