You will need
  • - ad.
Please contact the office of television broadcasting in your area. Pay for ads on television. Specify the area of the land plot, the place where it is located, a permitted use, purpose. The price you can tick, making reference to the fact that it is possible to bargain or to write that the price is negotiable. Don't forget to write the number home or cell phone to communicate with your potential buyers. Television advertising is the most powerful form of informing the public about all types of goods or services. If you pay for run ads for one month, your advertisement about the sale will see the maximum number of people.
Please contact the office of publications in your area. Place an ad about the sale of the land plot. Ads in Newspapers cost much less than television advertising, so you can give extended information about the land, putting all that you see fit. For example, it is useful to describe what a beautiful area it is located, what years of planting it there. For an additional fee, your ad in bold font. Many publishers offer to put up a picture of the sold real estate. First and foremost, potential buyers are viewing ads in the media and then turn to other sources.
In any city or village, there are billboards where the citizens hung the announcement of the sale of any property. Write an ad by hand or on a printer. Post all the stands of the city.
To give a promotional ad on Yandex, Google, Rambler, register e-wallet. Log on to the chosen search engine, click on the link "Give an ad". Write the text, pay for advertising, transferring funds from an electronic wallet.
You may not engage in the sale of the land plot, and contact the estate Agency, where experts will carry out an advertising company, find the right buyer, and will help to make the transaction of purchase and sale.