If you're a sole owner and want to divide it into two separate plotand then sell, you need to contact a specialized company for land management and geodesy. The specialist will carry out all necessary procedures at the section of your plot survey).
When you get all the documents after the survey, contact the Federal service for state registration, cadastre and cartography, in order to remove the old site from the register, and both plot to put on cadastral registration.
Further, the owner may register the ownership of two separate plot at companies house. As a result, the owner receives two certificates for two of the site.
In the case when the owners of the land plot are two or more persons, and the land is the common property of, any of the following sections:- Owners can agree among themselves and split a single plot into two or more separate allotments. Procedure for partition of land are exactly the same as with one owner. All documents shall include all owners. As a result, after surveying, cadastre and registration of the obtained two or more separate phase, depending on the number of owners, but remains under common ownership. - Another option: the division of one parcel into two or more, but each owner gets one plot in a sole proprietorship. Stop common ownership of land. The owners must enter into an appropriate agreement before beginning the process of surveying. That is, the original land from which new parcels are formed, ceases to exist.