You will need
  • -passport (for all participants)
  • the right establishing documents on the land
  • -the cadastral passport of the land plot
  • -notarized permission from all owners of land
  • -receipt about payment of state duty for registration
When making a plot on the data sheet. In order for this passport you made, call of surveyors of the organizations on land management. These organizations operate on a commercial basis. You will make surveying, boundary definition, topographic surveying, measure the actual dimensions of the plot. After work done you will receive technical documents for the site. With these documents should contact the registration center of the earth, cadastre and cartography. You will be given a cadastral passport of the plot with cadastral number assignment.
Taking cadastral passport, the documents on the site that are available, contact the state registration centre for registration of real estate. Based on the submitted documents, you will receive a certificate of ownership of the site. After receiving this document, you can make the transaction of sale and purchase of land plot.
If on the land are the rightful owners but you need their written agreement for the transaction for the sale of land. All owners must personally appear to the notary for drawing up permits. The document is notarized.
Issuing and collecting all necessary documents, along with the buyers contact the notary's office of the district in whose territory is situated the land. The notary will be the document of sale of land.
On the basis of all documents in the state registration centre for registration of real estate, the plot will be given a certificate of right to property for those persons who acquired the property.