You will need
  • - the announcement of the sale;
  • - documents for the land plot;
  • - agreement of purchase and sale.
The first step to a quick sale of the land would be to place ads. It can be as local advertising Newspapers and magazines and specialized publications on real estate. An assistant will be for you Internet. You can place ads on websites of real estate and the boards of private ads.
Further the plot you want to put on the cadastral account, to your earth had the appropriate inventory number and are allocated according to the characteristics of the other mass sections.
Before registering you must contact the on land survey to give you a document with unambiguous description of the boundaries of the site.
If you have purchased land before 31 January 1998 then you must go through the procedure of re-registration of rights of ownership to your land. This procedure can also pass in the time of the transaction of sale and transfer of ownership of the site to the buyer.
When found a buyer, you need to register up the transaction of purchase and sale. For registration you must have the following documents: application, identity document, proof of payment of registration fee, the original documents of title to land, cadastral plan, the contract of sale.
Before the deal you have to familiarize the buyer with all the encumbrances and limitations, which have land. Don't forget this item to include in the contract of sale.