You will need
  • for a suburban area;
  • - passports of all participants of the transaction;
  • - notarized authorization;
  • - agreement of purchase and sale or donation;
  • - the statement in PPRC.
Renew country of land transactions by purchase and sale or donation, you will be able only in case, if you have the land ownership certificate. If you do not, until the date of registration of ownership rights received country land you will not be able to dispose of them and to commit legally relevant actions.
If you have legal documents on the basis of which went to you country plot, then you need to arrange a survey by contacting FUSK, call technical engineer, to technical documents, based on which country your parcel will be put on a single account. After that you will be able to get all of the cadastral extract and apply to PPRC for registration of property rights.
If title documents are not, and you received a suburban plot of land , consisting of employees of enterprises up to 2001, will receive an extract from the household book in the horticultural Board of the companion or the administration, please fill out the survey and register their ownership.
After registration of ownership rights you have the right to dispose of the piece of land at their own discretion, including to change it for others.
For renewal by the purchase and sale contract in simple written or notarial form, but first get a notarized authorization from all the owners, if you have granted ownership rights to multiple people, or from the spouse if the country of land you bought or received while in a registered marriage. Make the act of reception-transfer and call FPRC with the application for renewal of a suburban area to the buyer.
For renewal of a suburban area on the other person by gift, enclose a written or notarized contract of gift, the act of acceptance-transfer and register the ownership rights to the donee of the person submitting the application and all documents in PPRC.