Examine contemporary secondary housing market. If you want to sell house quickly, then price should not exceed the average cost of similar dwellings, and may even be a little lower.
Critical vzglyahouse inspect their homes. Unstick a piece of Wallpaper in the hallway on the ceiling of the yellow spot – once you are flooded neighbors, rusty faucet and leaking under the toilet rim rust and billions of bacteria? Take a weekend and make at homee. cosmetic repair: clean the bathroom fixtures, touch up the ceilings, Conn Wallpapers. It will not take you much time, and the buyer is clean and well maintained house will make a good impression.
Posting an ad to sell the houseand the Internet, accompany the text with a description of your housing visual images. Take a picture of a room, a house outside, the view from the window. The buyer is not interested in ugly picture, so if you can't make beautiful pictures, invite the photographer. Looking at a beautiful picture, people will respond much faster than if you will read the dry description of square meters.
It is desirable that advertisement contained not only room dimensions, but the description of the room. Check all the advantages of your house: comfortable layout, beautiful view from Windows, good transport links, the proximity of the forest (rivers, lakes), the availability of shops. In any case do not lie in the ad. Even if the buyer at first bite is coming to you, he will still notice the discrepancy.
If you sell the house through a realtor, make sure he is competent specialist and act in your best interests. Feel free to request those documents, request the results of the completed work.
Constantly be in touch, because the potential buyer can call at any time. At the time of sale the houseand you have literally not to part with the phone, taking it with him to the bathroom and lying down with him in bed.