Make sure you have the title documents from the seller of garden plot. The area should be designed without criminal problems and burdens. Demand a certificate from the tax inspection confirming absence of arrears on land tax. Demand an extract from the Unified state register, confirming the absence of encumbrances and restrictions on a garden plot. Get the notarized written consent of both parties to the transaction on the buyand sale of garden plot.
Contact land management agencies to survey the area. Surveyors will define the boundary of the site, plan and form a boundary. Pass the landmark case in the local land Committee. Here the documents are checked for authenticity. Pass the documents to the Cadastral chamber, which will bring information about the garden in the Unified state land cadastre. Get the cadastral number of the plot and cadastral plan in triplicate.
Contact the City Department of inventory and real estate appraisal. Here you will spend a complex of works for assessment of the property. In this state enterprise must submit a certificate about the presence or absence of buildings in the garden. If the site has a structure, it is necessary to get information about the characteristics of the house.
Sign a contract of sale, which will make the transaction legal status. This procedure can be made in any notary office. The agreement must be made in four copies. The contract of purchase and sale issue together with the act of acceptance-transfer of the object. The contract specifies: the address of the object, inventory number, the permitted types of use, categories of land, presence of buildings, type of buildings with the area, inventory room in the house. To ensure the literacy of filling document, follow some government agencies to collect this information.