Please contact the office of the Federal migration service, which you have submitted the documents for registration of the passport. This can be done by phone. His number you can find in the directories of organizations in your city or via the website of the Federal migration service - home page browse an interactive map. It select your city, click on it and get a list of FMS in the region. There are addresses, hours and phone numbers. This will help you to contact the Secretary regarding the readiness of your documents. When you call you will need to call the surname, name and patronymic and the date when you passed your documents to a passport. If you are after multiple attempts were unable to get through to the organization, come there in person. Usually questions about the readiness of the passport , you can specify the queue.
Guided by the stated time of manufacturing of passports. This is normally one month, but in some cases, the timing change. For example, if you do not live in the region where you have permanent residence, the time interval is increased to three months. Also more time will it take to check the application for passport, if correction of the person serving in the army.
Find out about availability for your papers online. To go to the FMS in your city using the same interactive map. Use it to navigate to your region. Some of them have the opportunity to learn the status of your application and place a queue on an individual basis. For this you will need to indicate the surname, name and patronymic, as well as a special number that is given to confirm that you are the real future owner of the passport.