Advice 1: Where to go in case of loss of passport

Loss, and damage, passports threatens its possessor not only the administrative penalty and the procedure of reissuing of the document.
Where to go in case of loss of passport
Lost passport in Russia, you are obliged to contact the police. Do not have to do it at the place of residence. You can come at any police station. There you must submit a statement about the loss of identity document. Usually it is written by hand, what to write, tell the attendant.
Your application will be registered and you will be given a ticket with which you must come to the passport office already at the place of residence or the place of registration. In the absence of the staff of the management company passport guy can come to the district division of the migration service.
Pasportistu or employee of the Federal migration service, you must provide the ticket from the police, as well as all existing documents that can evidence of your identity (passport, driver's license, seaman's passport, birth certificate, etc.).
Complete the application for the issue of a passport, and please attach the following: birth certificate, proof of custody/divorce, birth certificates of children under the age at the time of loss of the passport 14, military ID, if available – certificate of registration at the place of stay.
You will also have to pay a fine in the amount from 500 to 2000 p. depending on the decision of the migration service. The penalty to be paid in any branch of the savings Bank and the original receipt attached to the documents.
Don't forget to do a color photograph of the established sample for the passport. If you want to readiness passports to obtain a temporary ID card, will have to do 4 photos, and 6. A passport is 10 days, if you came at the place of residence, and 2 months in any other place (e.g. in another district, city).
In the case that the loss of the document occurred outside of his native country, should apply to the Consulate of Russia. The procedure is in principle identical, the only difference is that the layout of the document will deal with the Consul and a temporary certificate will be issued within 3 days.
Lost passport re-issued at the immigration service, and within one month from the date of submission of all documents at the place of registration, and for 4 months at the place of stay. The questionnaire will need to specify "lost" as well as attach a copy of a Russian passport, copy of employment record. The photo you will make in FMS using a special apparatus.
Passport you can restore and via the Internet portal of public Services.

Advice 2 : Where to go in case of loss of passport of the Russian Federation

Passport is the official identity document of the owner and his citizenship. It is needed in almost all spheres of life of a person. For this reason, loss of passports is a serious problem that needs to be addressed as quickly as possible.
Where to go in case of loss of passport of the Russian Federation

The first steps to recover passports

You first need to write a statement about loss of passport. This can be done in any police station where the officer on duty will not only provide application form, but also explain all the nuances. Then the citizen is given a special pass, which he can apply to the passport office. The ticket given by the police Department, will allow to certify the fact that all the necessary formalities complied with and the statement about loss of passport has been considered by the police.

Further the employee of the passport written statement indicating the place of registration and residence, date of marriage, presence of children and other information, which will decide on issuing a new document. So it is important to gather all the necessary documents, or otherwise certifying important events of life: birth certificate, marriage certificate, certificate of family composition, military ID, etc. You should also take six pictures of a standard sample. Then you will be given a temporary ID, which will be cancelled upon receipt of the passport.

Making a new document

It is important to consider the point that under current law, for the loss of the passport of the citizen to administrative responsibility, whereby you must pay a fine. Typically, the amount of such sanctions is fixed and is perceived as stamp duty on document recovery. However, it is not necessary to delay the payment, because the less time passes from the moment of application to the payment of a fine, the less likely the accrual of additional interest.

As a rule, the deadline for issuance of a new passport varies from six weeks to two months. During this time, employees of the passport office will verify the information and prepare a blank new document.

The loss of document boundary

If you have lost your passport during a trip abroad, despite the fact that the laws of different countries very different from each other, the first contact the Consulate of the Russian Federation. After completing all the formalities within three days you are required to issue a temporary identity card.

Slightly different situation occurs in case of loss of passport. Then the recovery should go to the migration service or MFC. It should be remembered that in this case the list of documents to be submitted for obtaining the passport is a little different. In addition to photos, you'll need another copy of the main passport and work record.
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