You will need
  • - passport;
  • - the receipt on state duty payment;
  • ring;
  • - champagne;
  • - the towel.
Put in advance in your bag a check for payment of registration fee, passports, rings pillow, towel, glasses and champagne. Don't forget it all at home. Leave it to the witnesses, they will have to get this stuff to the head of the registry office.
Calculate the time you will need on the road. Come 20-30 minutes before the scheduled time to avoid haste. Some invitees are present only on registration, so welcome all guests and thank them for what they came. Take a photo, wishing to capture the moment.
Go with witnesses to the waiting room. There you can easily "clean up" and calm down. At this time, prepare everything to register your marriage. Mendelssohn's March will open the official part – the doors open, and you slowly enter the room.
You will be asked whether you agree to voluntarily enter into marriage. When you answer, the witness should have spread before your partner the towel. Go to him, but agree in advance who will make the first move. According to the existing tradition, who comes first, and the master of the house.
When you will wear the ring, the witness served them on a satin pillow. Don't drop these jewelry - a sign bad. Do not hurry to wear the ring, as the photographer or operator needs to make this point.
After the customary exchange of symbols of the marriage, you need to put your painting in the act of marriage. Then the first signs of the bride, her groom. Now declare you husband and wife. Tell the clerk of the registry office in advance of the names that you will wear after the wedding, so she named them correctly.
Husband give marriage certificate, and wife – towel, which you must save up to the Golden wedding. Now you have to kiss to seal the marriage Covenant and to drink a glass of champagne. Go to your parents and worship them, accept congratulations from relatives and friends.
From the Registrar's office also go beautifully and solemnly. Guests line up in two rows on both sides of the track and meet a new family. They will shower you with rose petals, millet or coins. The husband must take his wife in his arms on the steps of the registry office and gently get her in the car.