Before leaving for the wedding in the Church, at the home of the bride and groom's parents bless their children. If it turns out that parents not, this function is performed by the elders in the family.
So parents bless the groom. For this they need the icon of the Savior. Parents stand next to each other. The father holds an icon and three times rebaptized son, who stands before him. After this he gives the icon of the mother who does the same thing. The groom must cross and kiss the icon.
At the same time, but in the house of the bride's parents bless her. They use the icon of the Mother of God. The bride's parents doing the very same thing that the parents of the groom, that is, three times bless her.
After the blessing the parents all go to Church. In the Church parents are standing behind the newlyweds. They should be first among all guests. Parents of the groomusually stand on the right side, that is from his side of the groom. The bride's parents are to the left of her.
After the wedding comes to an end, and the newlyweds come home, the parents according to Russian tradition meet them with bread and salt. They once again bless the newlyweds with an icon, and holding it, usually the father of the groom. And a meal is in the hands of the mother of the groom. Here is the blessing and the wedding in the Church. If you want to, the couple was happily married, the whole process of blessing must pass by all the canons and traditions.