Holiday hassle

One of the main tasks mother-in-law (and father-in-law) is the organization of the celebration, especially if the bride and groom are still very young guys. The choice of location for the party, matching menus and guest list purchase Bridal wear for bride – these and many other troubles have the future mother-in-law. Fortunately most of them will share the groom's parents and the couple themselves lovers.


Traditionally mother of the bride blesses his daughter in a happy family life. Usually when this rite is used the icon "Kazan mother of God". After the "ransom" the couple are going to go to the registry office. Future mother in law showers the bride and groom and the wedding procession with a mixture of rye, candy and coins to family life was sweet and rich.

Parent congratulations

After the official part of the ceremony the guests usually are invited to the Banquet. Mother-in-law welcomes the couple and guests at the door of the restaurant with bread and salt, and invites everyone at the table.

Among the numerous congratulations, the most important is the role of the speech parents. The mother with the father first invited to speak words of wisdom and congratulations. Most often this speech is prepared in advance. This is a very touching and emotional moment, so to not lose and not to get lost, better to make the crib in a beautiful postcard.

The lighting of the family hearth

An important wedding tradition is the lighting of the family hearth. It is quite an ancient rite, symbolizes the transmission of wisdom family life from older generation to the younger.

The symbol family is the fire that the mother of the bride and sends his daughter, as the new Keeper of the family hearth. The rite of passage will require a simple candle for Tiffany and big beautiful candle symbolizing the new family home, for the bride. Under the quiet lyrical music mother of the bride said good words of encouragement and his candle lights the candle of the newlyweds (it keeps the bride, thus symbolizing the transfer of heat, love and experience a new family. Usually, the focus is placed on the table of the newlyweds and taken home as a memorable souvenir at the end of the celebration.

Removing the veil

Removing the veil is another wedding tradition that involves mother-in-law. This ceremony symbolizes the parting of the bride with a maiden's life and the transition into a new role – wife and future mother. In the old days, only unmarried girls could go with her head uncovered or her hair. After marriage they were supposed to cover their heads with scarves.

At the end of the ceremony the guests form a circle, the center of which invited the bride and her mother. Leading says a word about the entry of a young bride in the new role of wife and mother-in-law at this time, gently removes the veil and covers her daughter's head a beautiful lace handkerchief.