You will need
  • - the passport of the citizen of the Russian Federation or the document replacing it;
  • - the policy of obligatory medical insurance;
  • - a direction on mediko-social examination from a medical institution, institution of social protection or pensions;
  • the statement on carrying out of medico-social examination;
  • - medical records confirming the condition.
Contact a doctor-oncologist. Usually after the first treatment in a medical establishment before the emergence of the question about the design of disability takes place from 4 to 6 months. At this time there is an active primary treatment: diagnosis of cancer is determined the possibility and necessity of surgical intervention is chosen a scheme of medical support. Working the patient is given a sheet of temporary incapacity to work, often just called "hospital".
After the first stage of the treatment process the doctor of the local clinic or specialist cancer center recommends starting the registration of disability. If the suggestions from the doctors has not been received, the patient can initiate this process. The medical staff has no right to interfere in the collection of the necessary information and preparing documents. To direct the examination can also bodies of social protection and pension provision.
Collect all the necessary medical documents. The attending oncologist will give you the form – tender sheet on which doctors make their mark. The patient must visit the local therapist, blood tests (General and biochemical) and urine test, x-ray study of the chest, an EKG and ultrasound of the abdominal organs. Depending on the specific diagnosis can be assigned to additional medical advice and research.
Based on the messenger information sheet the attending doctor will issue a medical report on the health status of cancer patients, will give the rationale for assignment of disability and will make all necessary information in a map patient. To the direction of the Bureau of medico-social examination (BSE) to attach extracts from the opinions of medical hospitals, if the person was there for treatment or were operated on. If the cancer patient were previously assigned disability group for another disease, this is also need to provide BSA.
Working citizens have to obtain another document – the characteristics of the workplace. The form of the document is available in the clinic or found online. Complete the form with the payroll clerk and signed by the head of the organization. Characteristics of need to the members of the ITU were able to assess the severity of working conditions for the health of the patient.
Write a letter to the President of the Bureau at the place of residence or permanent stay. Make copies of all collected documents. Also, do not forget to bring your passport and medical insurance.
Take the collected documents in BMSA. There you will be assigned a specific date of the examination. Unfortunately, the waiting period may be delayed because of the Commission very busy. However, this is not a reason for concern. Designation date of disability will be considered the date of application.
Come for examination at the appointed time and contact the duty health care professional who will tell you the procedure of the Commission. As a rule, first you need to pass the original documents. The patient is then invited into the office for a personal interview and inspection.
By results of examination specialists, BMA will be established group of disability of the patient, the degree of restriction of employment assigned an individual rehabilitation program. In confirmation of recognition of a cancer patient disabled shall be issued a certificate of the established sample. If the disability is not assigned, the Commission may (at the request of the person) provide written results of the examination.
Please contact your regional branch of the Pension Fund for the purpose of payments on disability. Experts, BMSA yourself will direct the act of assigning the group to the pension authority within three days. But the patient needs to come in person to make arrangements for the payment of pensions.