Advice 1: How to apply for occupational disease

Preparation and approval of the list of occupational diseases is the responsibility of the government of the Russian Federation. In practice, all lists are not systematized properly, resulting to prove and to issue the occupational disease is sometimes difficult. You need patience and strength.
How to apply for occupational disease
Properly prepare the necessary documents. You have in your hands should be a certificate with a mark of a doctor that the disease is professional. You will also need discharge epicrisis, if you were treated in the hospital.
Provide documents to the clinic by place of residence and inform about the intention to issue the occupational disease. The doctor must describe in detail all symptoms and their connection with professional activities. Make sure that it was documented in the medical record. After that, you will be referred either to the clinic or to special doctors.
Go to the survey. The medical Board needs to make a complete diagnosis of your state of health. The inspection process is very detailed describe medical symptoms and their relationship with work. If the Commission determines that a disease is indeed a professional, it is obliged to note it in the medical record. Then you will be given two signed conclusion. Leave one at home, second hand employer.
Useful advice
In practice, doctors are very reluctant to deal with the questions of the convening of the commissions, which are authorized to issue the occupational disease. You must be mentally prepared for this. Faced with a similar case, don't hesitate to remind professionals that they perform their duties. Feel free to threaten litigation;

Also don't forget, regular trips to the doctors probably don't like your head. Not to join the ranks fired for absenteeism, ask doctors to issue a certificate stating that on a specific day and hour you were with him at the reception. In document check date, period of visit and the signature of the doctor and the press. Presenting to the employer all the information, you will protect yourself from his claims.

Advice 2 : How to prove the occupational disease: advice

An occupational illness is a persistent health disorder as a result of exposure to harmful factors in the workplace. The list of diseases approved by the Russian Government, but it contains only a small part of the list, which actually can be certain of violations. To prove the fact of occurrence of occupational diseases is very difficult. This should collect a necessary package of documents and certificates.
How to prove the occupational disease: advice
You will need
  • - extract from the medical history;
  • medical card with all the doctors of relevant specialties;
  • - medical examination;
  • - the conclusion of the trade Union Committee;
  • - the conclusion of the inspector on labor protection;
  • - the Commission act on working conditions and the nature of the work.
To establish occupational disease are entitled only regional professional pathological medical institutions, and the disability resulting from the impact of negative factors – medical-social Commission. And the other Commission you must have a referral in the clinic at the place of residence or place of work.
Contact your local doctor. If you regularly have sought medical help, the doctor informed of your condition and the medical record, in hospital, describes in detail all kinds of your illness, time of treatment in the hospital and the time spent on sick leave. If you were in the hospital, take an extract from the records, certified by the chief doctor of the medical institution.
The doctor will write out a direction on a broad survey, fill out a medical card, describe your medical history, nature of work and working environment with your words. In the appropriate boxes must deliver its opinion all narrow specialists specialized skills.
If the doctor thinks that the nature of your illness fits the list of which is issued a disability, you will write out a direction on mediko-the social expert Commission. If the disease is persistent but does not cause partial or complete loss of function, then you will be referred to the regional occupational medicine facility for examination.
You may be asked to submit a report of the trade Union organization of the workplace, the inspector on labour protection, the act of the Commission on the conditions and nature of work. On the basis of submitted certificates, opinions and documents of the Committee members will decide is your disease is occupational or not.
If you will make the decision that the violation of health is caused by professional activity or special conditions, you will have a number of benefits provisions when occupational diseases. About all the benefits read additional references.
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