You will need
  • - passport;
  • - documents on both sites;
  • - application to the cadastral chamber;
  • - technical documents;
  • - extract from the cadastral passport and copy of cadastral plan;
  • - municipal Ordinance (if one or both of the land was leased);
  • - a statement in regcenter;
  • - receipt on payment for registration.
To merge the two plots refer to the cadastral chamber for the unified view of the earth. Apply for challenge of cadastral engineer, who will hold a list of necessary technical work and give you the technical documents on the basis of which will feature a new cadastral passport, made a new plan from these documents, you will receive a statement for further registration of property rights.
After receiving the technical documents for the newly formed United land, contact the land registry house on a single view of the earth. Your educated single site, and put on a single account, will assign a parcel number and issue a new cadastral documents. In addition to the technical documents you need to present two certificates of ownership of both parcel, passport. If you actually performed the measurement sites showed that their area is more than indicated in previous documents, you'll need to explain in writing the appearance of extra space. Re-negotiation of boundaries with neighbours, there is no need, as the combination of plots can not stand the old borders, and they remain in the same limits as previously agreed.
For enterprises leased land will receive the decision of the district municipality on the transfer of the two plots in your property. One plot of land you will receive free, the second pay cadastral value, as the free privatization of municipal property is possible only once in a lifetime and to transfer free of charge only one plot.
Next, contact companies house. Write a statement on the form is a standardized form, which will be given in rescentre. Present your valid passport, cadastral extract, the documents of title to both land or the judgment of the administration, pay the state duty. After 30 days you will receive a certificate confirming the right of ownership of the combined newly created allotment.