Identify the part of the area you want to select as his share. Mark the boundaries of this plot. Specify its location on the ground. Your goal is to determine where will be held the boundaries of your plot.
Coordinate and location of the land plot with all owners. Determine if there is objection to the allocation of the land plot. Enlist their written consent. Only with the consent in writing of all owners, your actions will be considered as agreed.
Insist on their right to receive a specified share of the land, if a dispute arose. Make a written notification and send it to the co-owners by mail. In the notice specify what part of the land parcel you want to. The address of the allocated shares, the description of the situation on the ground, the area.
Expect a reply within one month. If no objections, consider the location of the site consistent. Now we need to formalize an agreement on the allocation of shares in official instances.
Make a draft of the section. This document, you confirm that your contribution can be a independent land. It is necessary to make the procedure survey of the site. Similar services are provided by the surveying firm or individual, licensed.
Start the process of registration of land plot in private property. Put the land on the cadastral registration in the territorial Department of management of ROSNEDVIZHIMOSTI. It is necessary to have the title document on the land share and document the survey. The cadastral registration you confirm in official instances the existence of a separate plot.
Will receive a certificate of state registration of right to land at companies house. This document will keep you fully in the rights of the owner.