You will need
  • - employment history;
  • - the passport.
Look in your workbook the exact name of the organization. This will greatly facilitate the search in the archiveOh, especially if you're away from your previous place of employment.
If you worked without an employment record (e.g., the contract), you can also set the exact name. It should be printed at the top of the first page, and in any case is in the seal.
Unfortunately, not all the archiveyou have their sites on the Internet, and remote search capability to provide a few units. The same applies to sending a request directly from the page. However, this possibility is not ruled out. Enter the exact name of the organization and the name of the city in a search engine. It is possible that the firm still exists and has a website. Find the link "Contacts". There can be phone numbers or email address. In this case, you can directly contact the company and find out where the documents are sent after expired.
Work-book and the contract will give you a wide range of information. For example, on a departmental accessory of the desired organization. This may be a private enterprise or municipal branch of the state. Depend on your next steps.
If you have worked in a private company or municipal enterprise, which is located in the small town, go to the city archive. Most likely, you will find what you need. Some additional problems will be the worker of the agricultural enterprise. Find out which town is now the district centre. To search for information you need there, even if before desired your town belonged to another district. Big cities in such a situation it is advisable to start looking with the district archive.
The archives of state organizations and branches of large enterprises are transferred to the relevant departments. Documents for military personnel to be found in the archive of theAcademy of the Ministry of defense, the data on employees of Federal agencies and corporations in the Central archive of theAh of the relevant departments. There will need to send a request. Take care of the copies of the documents. As a rule, you need your passport and extract from the work book. If you are looking for information about a relative, the serviceman, you will also need to confirm the degree of kinship. If you need to find documents of a political party, you must contact the Central archive of historical-political documents.