You will need
  • -statement to the administration
  • -passport
  • -the amount of preliminary Deposit, specified by the municipality
  • -lease
  • -application to the registration center
  • -extract from the cadastral passport and plan
  • -payment of state duty for registration
  • registration of ownership rights
To get a plot under construction, which will be formalized in lease the entire period of development, need to contact the local authorities with the statement. When there are enough applications, the administration will assign the bidding.
All applicants, which is recorded on the queue for receiving plots inform about the beginning of the auction. At auction is not purchased land, and the right to build on it further to buy from the municipality and to make the property.
If the auction is won and you are the owner of the land plot for individual construction, the administration indicates the period during which construction must be completed to enter the building in operation, to buy land and place it in the property.
For all time of construction be charged rent for the land. If by the deadline you have not built a house and put into operation, the rent increases substantially.
After the completion of the house plot to buy and register the right of ownership in the registration centre for unified registration of real estate objects.
The second variation of the registration of the site under construction is the registration of property rights. You need to get cadastral passport and discharge, as well as the cadastral plan of the site. If the plot was rented, it would require an additional resolution of the head of local administration on the transfer or sale of land in the property. To do this, refer to the administration a statement.
All documents must be registered in Registre and get a certificate of ownership, which should contact the Department of architecture and issue the permit for construction.
In all cases of registration of land construction will be legitimate and on the structure it will be easy to obtain the documents of title.