You will need
  • - the statement;
  • - personal documents;
  • - documents for all phases;
  • - the notarial consent of all land owners.
To change the category of land, you should contact the local authorities. Write statement, specify the category of the target destination and the categoryin which you want to transfer the land.
If owners on the land a few, they all have to apply personally through a notary or trusted individuals to give a notarized permission to change the category of the destination site. Most often the treatment received on the transfer of agricultural lands to lands of settlements, at least – on the contrary. Some categories of land cannot be transferred from one destination to another, but questions on this issue does not occur, or they occur only in a few cases, as most of the land not intended for transfer is not available for use by ordinary citizens, but to translate only what you use or own.
In addition to the statement submit an extract from the cadastral passport of all parcels, copies of cadastral plans, the documents on the plots referred to in article 172, paragraph 3 of the Federal law. You'll need documents such as ownership certificate, lease contract, contract of gift, sale or certificate of inheritance.
In one month you will receive a written response and act on the possibility of the transfer of land to another category or rejected with the rationale.
If you sent the instrument of transfer of land, that act as a notification will be sent to the centre for land, cadastre and cartography, the registry has made changes on the renaming of the category of land.