First we need to extract from the cadastre about your neighbors, it will be necessary for the development of a surveying business. For additional information contact the district land registry house. Make sure your neighbors don't have justified claims about the capture you extra acres.
Make sure what on earth you want to ascribe to themselves not the survey was conducted, it is not to be privately owned and not rented. On this earth no one should claim.
It is necessary to fix the current accurate parcel boundaries. It can do, cadastral engineer, and find itself at a specialized service with a license to implement geodetic and cartographic work. Clarification of the boundaries of previously surveyed land is not required.
After the necessary works of cadastral engineers you have on hand appear ready to join a landmark plan of the earth. With the plan of subdivision will need to contact the local cadastre office the registration of new data about land.
Keep in mind that when the state cadastral account of the revised boundaries of the land, there are grounds for refusal, for example:

• The area of the joining parcel, shall not exceed the amount equal to ten percent of the original land.

• The area of the joining parcel, shall not exceed the norm established by local governments (the size limit the minimum size of land)
After receipt of the cadastral passport of land must submit an application for amending the Unified state register of the state registration authorities. After you will receive a certificate of registration of ownership of land with specified boundaries.