You will need
  • - documents of title to land or other existing documents;
  • - a written explanation concerning the emergence of excess acres;
  • - the act of agreeing with neighbors;
  • - the resolution of the local administration;
  • - new cadastral certificate and the plan;
  • - registration of rights of ownership of the site with the actual borders.
For fixing the actual plot area, call the engineer inventory. Please contact the Federal Office for the unified accounting of land, cadastre and cartography. You will re-survey and produce technical documents specifying them in the actual boundaries of the site.
After re-surveying you have to re-make the act of harmonizing boundaries with neighbors. The technical documents and the act of agreeing reserve in the local administration, submit a written explanation about the origin of the extra acres.
In fact, to legitimize the extra acres you can only be the case if all the neighbors bordering the plots agree with the marking of new borders and it does not infringe upon their rights, and not interfere with use of personal plots. Legal registration is possible only in case if the local administration is not against it, and the boundaries of the site with sliced extra acres do not exceed the maximum allowable in your area and do not exceed from the initial area of 10% (Federal law 221). In all other cases, to legitimize the extra hundred you will be able only in the presence of the judgment.
If you already have a certificate of ownership, you will have to re-register. In the absence of a unified register at the Federal Office of the state registration center you must have one of the documents: the contract of sale, certificate of inheritance, deed of gift. If any of these documents you have no use for registering property rights the Federal law 93, which allows to register the plot on the available documents.
This will get the extract from the household book in the reign of horticultural comrade or regulation of the administration that you received the parcel, use it, or that you transferred from the rental property.
Submit all documents received for registration in PPRC (Federal office of the state registration center). You will be given a certificate of ownership to the area with the actual area.