The first place to begin is the spelling. Any text, containing various colorful metaphors with a lot of spelling errors, will look frivolous. Quite often there are people with multiple degrees who still make mistakes in the text. As a rule, the reason for this phenomenon is the lack of timely study of the Russian language. Base correct of writing was precisely the lack of spelling errors.

To decorate your speech with beautiful metaphors, you should really read a lot. Read only will allow you to unconsciously perceive and remember the main, and in the future, and special techniques in the literature. You can study all the periodicals, Newspapers, magazines, contemporary and classic works. In all of them you will find exactly what you need. And after a while, you'll notice the style – aware and literate language.

Pronunciation aloud will help you learn to write without mistakes. This will greatly reduce the number of spelling errors. This way you will be able to control logical consistency of the whole text.

Good – not so long. Offer having few turns, maybe to alienate the reader. If you have not yet learned the art of eloquence, it is better to build simple sentences. Use beautiful metaphors only in that case when are assured that the original meaning does not change with the introduction of each of the momentum. Valuable simple fact that in them, if you want, you can include no less grace and beauty.

The elaborate structure must have the introduction, main part and conclusion. Do not immediately in the introduction to write what you want to convey. You should know that the main semantic load should be in the main part of the text. The entry is used to create a transition to the main idea. In conclusion, generally written conclusions or sums up the above.

The proportion of the volume of text data recently has increased significantly. So from your literate writing determines your success in later life.