You will need
  • phone;
  • - access to the Internet;
  • - a representative office of MTS;
  • - passport
Service "In full confidence" provided by the company MTS, is free. It allows you to continue to communicate freely even in sub-zero value of the account up until the balance will not be the limit minus 300 rubles. After 6 months of using this option, your limit will be increased to 50% of the total spent on Telecom services.
To unsubscribe from this service, "MTS", dial the following USSD from your mobile phone: "*111*32#" and press the call button. Act according to the instructions.
Take advantage of the "Service guide" of MTS to waive the service "In full confidence". To do this, go to the official website of the operator, select your region and click on "Service Guide". Pass the authorization stage in the system (or obtain a password) in the dialog box, enter the section: "Connect and disconnect services." Select the appropriate service and click "Disable".
Call - number information service MTS 0890 and follow the prompts of the automated menu to disconnect the service "In full confidence". In addition, you can contact the operator service and calling him the passport details provided by you at the conclusion of the contract of service, ask them to help you disable this service.
Visit your nearest salon cellular MTS, taking with him a passport. The location of the representative offices of the company can be found on the official website of the service provider by selecting your region and clicking on the bookmark: "Assistance and service" and "Showrooms". If you for any reason are unable to personally visit the office of MTS, it can make you instead of your representative with a notarized power of attorney.