Disabling the "credibility", the user can perform anywhere. Just start typing the USSD code *138*2# (to send use the call button). Once the request is received by the operator and processed service will be automatically deactivated. Please note: the number of connections and disconnections of this option is unlimited. Take a new "Credit" you can at least immediately after abandoning the previous one (provided that your balance is positive).
For activation/deactivation of service, please contact the sales Office of "MegaFon" or the salon. The consultants will calculate the appropriate credit limit will adjust it if the current has become something you are uncomfortable, or just shut off the service on your room. Addresses and phone numbers in your area salons can be found by going to the company website.
To abandon has already been granted "credibility", open the self-service system called "Service Guide". It has its own page on the Internet (you can also first go to the official website of the company, and then go to the section with the appropriate name). This system is convenient because it allows you to manage services with the click of a button. In addition, it is also multifunctional: the subscriber can obtain a certificate of account status, current communication costs, change the rate or order details.
The system requires authorization using the mobile phone number of the client and a personal password. To obtain it should contact the customer service of "MegaFon".