To use Internet-helperω is completely free, paying only the services at the rates provided by your carrier, any phone, smartphone, PDA or Communicator.
You can always make a choice meanwhile to activate the Internet-helper or turn it off.
To connect to the Internetassistantand MTS is sufficient to contact the service center of customer service of MTS or to introduce a simple USSD request - *111*23# from your phone.
Now a little about how to disable Internetassistantand MTS and all the annoying services.In order to disable the onlineassistantcan:
Enter the appropriate USSD-request, in the case of MTS it will be *111*24#
Contact the customer service center in person with your passport and a request to disable the service.
Contact the support center by phone, putting their data and asked to disconnect the service, Intern-assistant.
Remember, mobile Internetassistant is information about:
- status of the account;
- traffic balance and additional minutes or messages.
- receiving payments;
the list of services that are connected at the moment.
As well as this:
- ability to disconnect and connect services;
- ability to list of detail on e-mail;
- possibility of account replenishment and much more.